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Sims 4 Sulani Events: A Handy Guide for Vibrant Celebrations


Full guide to Island Events in Sims 4 Island Living’s Sulani World!

Did you know that the world of Sulani has special events happening every day of the week? It’s true! Sims 4 Sulani events are a great way to come together as a community! The trouble is, it can be difficult to know when an event is happening because your Sims won’t receive any notifications to let them know when an island event is starting. You’re left to just wander around Sulani hoping to stumble across one.

But not anymore! Never miss Sims 4 Sulani events again with our handy guide, complete with locations, start times, descriptions of the event activities, and photos to show you exactly where to look!

Sims 4 Sulani Events: Full Schedule and Guide

Fishing Competition

Sims 4 Sulani events
  • When: Saturday, 12pm
  • Where: Ohan’ali Town, near the fishing pier

Avid anglers will love these type of Sims 4 Sulani events! The fishing competition is a chance for your Sims to win prizes for the fish they catch! Look for all the balloons and banners by the fishing pier in Ohan’ali Town. To participate, have your Sims fish at the pier and catch as many fish as they can. You can also collect fish from the trap near the pier.

There is a fish vendor here that sells all kinds of seafood dishes. The vendor will also sell you fish bait and if you bring your own fish, you can even have the vendor cook up a tasty dish of your choice using your own fresh catch! When you’re done fishing for the day, ask the fish vendor about the tournament results. The vendor will tell you if you’re among the winners of the tournament or not.

There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cash prizes of simoleons. 1st place awards $300, 2nd place awards $150, and 3rd place awards $75. It’s not a huge sum of money for winning but still a fun way to spend a day.

Island Celebration

Island Celebration Sims 4 Event
  • When: Thursday, 9am
  • Where: Ohan’ali Town, in the pavilion

The island celebration Sims 4 Sulani events is one of the biggest events in Sulani with two different vendors and plenty of activities to enjoy. Look for the banners and balloons around the Ohan’ali Town pavilion and make your way over there.

This Sims 4 Sulani events has a bonfire, easels, vendors, display tables, and a guitar in the area. Sims can fire dance around the bonfire, cozy up by the fire, dance, and play the guitar. They also watch these performances since other Sims will fire dance and play the guitar autonomously. Sims can paint on the easels or view art done by other Sims. If you see a painting you like, you can click on it to purchase it. You can also take home any of the seashells on the display tables so it’s a good way to complete your collection if you’re missing some of the seashells.

Sand sculptures are an activity for this event as well. Just find a sandy spot near the edge of the pavilion and make sand sculptures. You can also admire everyone else’s sand sculptures.

Beach Bonfire

Sims 4 Sulani events
  • When: Friday, 6pm
  • Where: Ohan’ali Town, near the sandbar

This is a pretty lowkey, chill Sims 4 Sulani events that happens on the beach on Friday evenings. There is a bonfire, lounge chairs, and some beach towels in the sandbar area. Sims can cozy up by the fire, dance, and fire dance around the bonfire and relax on the beach towels and lounge chairs.

This is mostly just a socialization event in a more relaxed environment.

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day Sims 4 Event
  • When: Sunday, 9am
  • Where: Ohan’ali Town, near the sandbar

This Sims 4 Sulani events is perfect to take the kids to! Look for the banners and balloons all around the sandbar to attend this event!

Family Fun Day is a small island event with a swingset in the sandbar, a food vendor, and lounge chairs and beach towels. Parents can soak up the sun on the beach while the kiddos have fun on the swings in the water. When everyone’s had their fill of sun and fun, they can order lunch at the vendor and enjoy a meal at the nearby picnic table.

Flowers and Music Festival

Sims 4 Sulani events
  • When: Tuesday, 1pm
  • Where: Ohan’ali Town, in the pavilion

Despite the name, this festival is more about music than flowers but the pavilion does have colourful flower arches near it, flowers wrapped around the pavilion columns, and floral banner designs. If you see palm and flower arches everywhere, the Flowers and Music Festival is happening!

This festival has speakers playing island music, a bonfire, a guitar, and bird of paradise plants sprouting up in the sandy areas around the edges of the pavilion. Sims can dance to island music, fire dance around the bonfire, play the guitar and watch guitar and fire dancing performances. You can also tend to the birds of paradise sprouting up everywhere but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to harvest from them since they don’t grow quick enough.

Town BBQ

Town BBQ in Sulani
  • When: Monday, 4pm
  • Where: Ohan’ali Town, in the pavilion

This is another pretty laid back, lowkey Sims 4 Sulani events that’s more for socializing than anything else. Look for the orange banners around the pavilion and make your way over to enjoy some island food and kava.

The BBQ pit is always in the pavilion but a Sim will be using it to cook up a big BBQ feast during this event. There is also a full bowl of kava on the nearby picnic table. Pit BBQs are social events so Sims can chat around the pit while their meal cooks beneath palm leaves. When the food is ready, you can serve a huge platter of island food which everyone will help themselves to. You can enjoy a cup (or several) of kava while you chat and eat.

Town Potluck

Sims 4 Sulani events
  • When: Wednesday, 6pm
  • Where: Ohan’ali Town, in the pavilion

Time to fill up on free food you didn’t have to cook! When you see the double yellow banners at the pavilion entrance, make your way over there to eat your fill at the Town Potluck!

This Sims 4 Sulani events is another small one but has a bit more going on than the Town BBQ. There will be a bunch of picnic tables set up in the pavilion and a bonfire. There will also be a full bowl of kava on one of the picnic tables. Sims will arrive and set out their own food they brought from home which you can help yourself to, although curiously, you can’t bring your own food to the potluck. The game won’t allow you to place any food you’ve brought on any of the tables. Sims can eat whatever food has been provided, chat, enjoy some kava, and dance around the bonfire.

Turtle Hatching

Sims 4 Sulani events
  • When: The first Monday after receiving the Turtle Hatching Season notification, 9am
  • Where: Mua Pel’am, beside the turtle statue near the shipwreck lot

The turtle hatching event is the only Sims 4 Sulani events that doesn’t take place in Ohan’ali Town. It’s also the only event you will receive a notification for and it only happens under certain conditions. For all these reasons, this is the event players generally have the hardest time triggering but it is also by far the cutest island event.

The turtle hatching will not happen until you have restored the island of Mua Pel’am to its pristine state. You’ll need to clean up trash in the water and on the beaches, comb the beaches for trash, catch invasive fish species, release protected fish species back to the ocean, put out the ash deposits at the base of the volcano, and scold ill-intentioned Sims wandering around the area until you receive the popup that Mua Pel’am is thriving (not just improving; keep cleaning the island after getting this popup).

After you’ve cleaned up the island, turtle hatching Sims 4 Sulani events will start to take place there. There is some debate amongst players about when exactly this occurs. Players with Seasons installed report it happening once a year in Autumn or Winter. Players without Seasons installed report it being random. Either way, you will receive a notification when turtle hatching season is about to start. If you travel to the turtle hatching area immediately after seeing the notification and nothing is there, try returning the following Monday at 9am. Some players have reported that they can consistently trigger the event the following Monday after receiving the notification.

During the turtle hatching Sims 4 Sulani events, there will be banners and balloons set up near the turtle statue by the shipwreck. There will be two little “lanes” set up with ribbon to protect the baby turtles from being trampled by spectators. Sims will gather around the area and cheer on the cute baby turtles as they make their way to the ocean.

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Thank you to The Sims Circus and simsplayer818 on the EA Help forums for providing info about the Sims 4 Sulani events start times.

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