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Featuring a Hyperpop Simlish Song from Alice Longyu Gao!

The Sims Team has released a new blog post today for their “You Make The Sims” series. In the latest spotlight they’ve featured a Hyperpop artist Alice Longyu Gao, whose song “DTM” will be added to The Sims 4 Base Game!

The hyperpop artist has done an interesting video interview with The Sims regarding her recording process, her knowledge of Simlish and more. Check it out below:

The artist has also revealed on her Instagram Story that the Sims Delivery Express featuring her song will be dropping on May 25th, 2022! We’re not sure if anything else will be added to the game through this SDX drop, but we’ll definitely keep you updated!

Until then, you can read the official interview with Alice:

Our players make The Sims every day. They play to express their individualities, their interests and their aspirations in The Sims. They are an inspiration for us to always keep innovating and improving. We want to amplify our players’ influencers, so we’re turning the focus to them.  

Alice Longyu Gao is an infectious spirit that’s just beginning to realize her full, unlimited potential. From her otherworldly fashion sense, to her genre-defying music, you can’t help but take on her carefree energy, no matter which one of her creative outlets you have the honor to experience.

With Longyu meaning “dragon and universe,” and Gao meaning “magnificent,” the singer-songwriter, DJ and artist is every bit fierce, cosmic, and absolutely splendid. 

Last year, Alice released her appropriately-titled EP High Dragon and Universe, an exhilarating intro to solo music career. Despite speaking multiple languages, the six-track EP is delivered solely in English, however, fans now have a chance to hear her hit song “DTM” in a tongue only a rare group can comprehend: Simlish! 

As part of our ongoing You Make The Sims series, where we spotlight creators across the world who inspire us and the game we make, Alice brings her experiential, hyperpop sound to our base game through the Sims Delivery Express. 

To learn more about Alice, her art, and her love for The Sims, we visited the multi-hyphenate at her Los Angeles pad to ask her some questions, where she surprisingly responded exclusively in Simlish. You can watch the piece and read the accompanying Q&A below.

Simlish is a tough language to learn and understand. So what challenges did you run into when translating and recording “DTM” in Simlish?

It felt extremely natural for me to speak in Simlish because I’m usually in my bedroom talking to myself like that. When I got to do my song in Simlish I was like OMY, hell yea! Finally, I feel seen!’ 

When are the optimal times Sims should listen to “DTM?

Definitely when getting ready to go to the club, because life is about having a good laugh at the end. I hope this song brings people hope because manifestation is real; if you want something then just firmly believe that you deserve it, then you will get it. 

What’s the next song you want to translate into Simlish?

“100 Boyfriends,” because I want to move my 100 boyfriends farm into The Sims.

As someone who’s very expressive, what advice do you have for anyone afraid of expressing themselves? And how can playing The Sims help?

Stay mysterious, because honestly, that’s cooler and brings you more opportunity. Express yourself when you feel comfortable and willing to share. I love to stay in my bedroom or studio, I enjoy living in my own world, playing games, making music and browsing the internet, so The Sims is quite perfect for me to live in my fantasy.

What have you learned about yourself within The Sims? 

I am allowed to be alone and that’s not weird. My world is so interesting and fun, I need enough time to even just enjoy that. 

You can hear Alice Longyu Gao’s Simlish version of “DTM” starting later this month in The Sims™ 4 on PC and Mac via Origin™ and Steam®, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One systems.

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