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Meet The Sims 4 Creator who’s Building on Expert Difficulty

And by expert difficulty we surely mean The Sims 4 Console!

As many of us know, building on the console version of The Sims 4 can be difficult at times, especially if you are not overly familiar with the controls or just getting started, however, TKSims makes it look effortless with her builds!

TKSims, who is also known as Takumi, is a Simmer from Japan who creates beautiful builds on the PlayStation 4 version of The Sims 4. Looking through all of her different builds has, honestly, blown me away with just how wonderful they are!

One of Takumi’s most recent builds that really caught my attention was her Grandma’s House build. It felt and looked so realistic from the Speed Build and images that it is definitely somewhere I could see my own Sims living in my own game.

After watching the Speed Build for Grandma’s House, I went on to explore more of Takumi’s gorgeous creations.

With a number of her builds inspired by where she lives, it’s also very clear to see that she is passionate about showcasing aspects of Japan through her builds. You will also find that Takumi creates and explores a number of other build themes depending on the world that is being used.

Tartosa Small Cottage
Cozy Coffee Shop
Windenburg (Small Cottage)
Japanese Style House

The sheer amount of detail that Takumi adds to every single one of her builds is incredible. With just the Base Game and a variety of additional packs, it really shows just how much you can do on console without the use of Custom Content or Mods!

All of Takumi’s creations can be found on the Gallery under the Gallery ID of tksims__0oy, or by searching the hashtag tksims.

Make sure you keep up to date and check out more builds from TKSims over on Twitter and YouTube!

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