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EA is working on a Social Creator Platform for The Sims


The upcoming Platform for The Sims could bring Creators and Players together!

Please note that this article contains information that hasn’t been confirmed by EA and Maxis as of yet. However, there are multiple signs and information that lead to EA developing a platform specially designed for players and creators.

Let’s get started!

Patent Registration

Back in December 2021 we had a wave of new Patents registered by EA for mechanisms and new systems designed specially for The Sims. These patents proposed features and integration between the player and creator, with workflows that hint towards the future development for The Sims.

One of the patents published on the official EU Intellectual Property Office was a patent for “SimGuru”. Vague information about the software has been revealed in the patent, including the following information from the official patent listing:

  • The patent has been filed in April 2020
  • There’s an illustrative image with a new icon and the word “SimGuru”. Could be a temporary placeholder made for the patent.
  • Includes vague information in the Goods and Services section of the patent, including:

9 – Computer game software; downloadable computer game software via a global computer network and wireless devices; video game software; downloadable information relating to computer software and game software; instruction manuals in electronic format.

38 – Online communications services; providing online electronic bulletin boards, chatrooms and forums for transmission of messages amongst computer users; providing access to an internet discussion website.

41 – Entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line computer game; provision of information relating to electronic computer games provided via the Internet; providing information online relating to computer games and computer enhancements for games.

42 – Computer software technical support services; providing online information about the use of computers and software; providing online support services for computer software and game software users; maintenance and updating of computer software and game software; software advisory and consultancy services; advisory and consultancy services relating to computer software and game software; hosting online facilities for conducting interactive discussions.

EA is working on a Social Creator Platform for The Sims

The patent reveals information that the SimGuru Platform could deliver features such as:

  • “Downloadable” computer and mobile software
  • Provides communication services including Chat Rooms, Forums, Messages and more
  • Contains and hosts information and services for online support, information, and more.

The official patent talk is all so very confusing from my personal perspective, considering that the patent was filed just over 2 years ago. Considering that a lot of things have changed since then, including the workflows and the pandemic, it could mean that the SimGuru project evolved into something else eventually.

Which is why we now have information about the Creator Platform fresh out of the oven:

Creator Platform Job Listing

Just a couple of hours ago Maxis has listed a new Job Opportunity on the Maxis Careers website, containing lots of new information. Specifically on the fact that Maxis is working on a new Platform for Creators and Players of The Sims.

The latest Job Listing is titled Senior Experience Designer, Social. And before you say anything – everything in the job description specifically talks about The Sims.

Let’s break it down:

As a Senior Experience Designer on Social for The Sims, you’ll help envision and implement how players socialize, connect, and be inspired on our platform. Reporting to the Development Director for Design, you’ll work with a multidisciplinary team of enthusiastic craftspeople from all walks of life. Use your passion and critical thinking skills to define the social platform and related systems throughout product development, from initial prototypes to refined solutions. Partner with your Design, Production, UXR and Engineering partners to foster a data-informed and iterative approach to delivering value in a growing game product spanning platforms and playstyles. Ultimately, you will create experiences that surprise, delight, and invite millions of people around the world to Play with Life.


  • You will drive user-centered design processes to deliver world-class design solutions.
  • You will apply appropriate UX methods for the challenges at hand (Experience mapping, journey maps, task flows, sketching, wireframing, storyboarding, prototyping) to explore problem spaces and deliver solutions that are informed by player data & insights.
  • You will partner with stakeholders to set priorities and find balanced design solutions to player needs and business goals within technical constraints.
  • You will champion the holistic vision for core social experiences through development of principles, scenarios and personas, partnering with XD Director and Creative Director to inform overall product vision.
  • You will partner with UXR to set strategic research goals, plan tactical studies, and create opportunities for foundational and directional research.
  • You will contribute to the creation and maintenance of a multi-platform design system
  • You will work to build bridges between disciplines and foster a creative collaborative environment.
  • You will put inclusive design principles into practice. Help define a creator ecosystem that is responsible, sustainable, and actively protects our players from toxicity.

Confused with the professional jargon? Don’t worry, here’s how I understood this listing and responsibilities:

  • The Sims is working on a platform for players to connect, share, socialize and communicate between each other. Including inspiring creators to create new things!
  • Different scenarios and personas could be included within this Creator Platform. Possibly allowing for players to identify which type of player they are within The Sims.
  • The social platform that Maxis and EA are working on will be multi-platform. We can assume that this means across Desktop, Mobile and possibly even Consoles.
  • Considering that it’s a Social Creator Platform, there is a huge emphasis on ensuring that the environment is safe and welcoming for all the players.

This job position is a permanent one, meaning that Maxis and EA are probably looking into making the Creator Platform an ongoing thing that could last for years ahead. Goes in line with The Sims Team’s reassurements that The Sims 4 has years ahead of new stuff!

Possible Announcement Soon

Interestingly enough, some of the players within the EA Creator Network program have gotten access to a new “Support-A-Creator” program that just rolled out.

Interesting things to note:

  • The Support-A-Creator allows for players to enter Creator Codes at checkout of Origin, giving Content Creators a certain percentage of revenue for referral.
  • It’s currently in Beta, and only The Sims Franchise is included, with only a few of the players within the EA Creator Network announcing the Beta.

The Support A Creator Beta starts now until June 16th! We don’t know what will happen afterwards, but all the signs and findings are coming together.

A special platform for Creators and Players for The Sims could be a huge thing for The Sims 4 and the Franchise in general. It would also go in line with Maxis’ current rebranding and new philosophy that encourages building bridges between Creators and Players, as well as encouraging new ways to create.

Would you be interested in a Creator Platform for The Sims? Let us know in the comments below!

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