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Maxis releases a new Promotional Video

“It’s time to signal our next revolution”

A couple of weeks ago Maxis, studio behind The Sims, SimCity and all the big simulation games has done a complete revamp and rebranding of their identity, message and focus!

With the complete redesign of Maxis also came a whole new website that focused on encouraging people of all walk of paths to join their ever-growing team and studios that span out to 4 different locations around the world!

Just last night, they’ve published a new trailer for Maxis, featuring a history walkthrough of the Simulation genre, as well as Maxis’ evolution throughout the 35 years of its existence.

The video begins with a wholesome introduction to the Simulation genre:

The walkthrough primarily focuses on The Sims’ evolution through the years, and where it all began.

In the promotional video the team shared a statement:

Maxis let you play with life – but after 35 years – it’s time to signal our next revolution!

Could this be related to the unnanounced franchise rumored to be titled Lost Astral, in development by EA and Maxis?

Time will tell, but until then enjoy the colorful new trailer for Maxis:


Are you willing to Build with Maxis? Check out their Careers Page!

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