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Camp up your Looks with this Makeup CC Collection for The Sims 4

Add a pop of colour to your Sims looks!

AkaLukery (previously known as Grimcookies) is back with a brand new and exciting collection of vibrant make up assets for your Sims!

The May ’22 Collection is an eight-piece set that features a new lip gloss, blush and eyeliner as well as three beautiful eyeshadows and two new eye glitters which can be found under the face paint category in Create A Sim.

This fabulous collection is currently available to download via AkaLukery‘s Patreon and will be publicly available on 12th June 2022!

Of course, we couldn’t take a look at new Create A Sim Custom Content without creating a few looks of our own!

For the first two looks I created, I was inspired to combine them with The Sims 4 Carnaval Streetwear Kit and create the ultimate festival look! Each of the eight new items in AkaLukery’s new collection are amazing and come in a range of different swatches.

Even when experimenting with different looks, the May ’22 Collection works perfectly with a number of existing in game options as well as on its own!

The third look combined the festival feel with a more natural make up look. To make the overall look come together, I used the eye glitter face paint that comes with the new collection to give it a little pop!

Whether you are looking to create a colourful statement or keep a more natural look for your Sims, the May ’22 Collection by AkaLukery is a beautiful and versatile collection to add to your game!

You can find more of AkaLukery’s creations as well as what they are working on next over on Twitter and Patreon!

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