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Get Groovy with this 70s Inspired Party CC Set for The Sims 4!


Step back in time with this groovy set of 70s inspired party objects and attire!

Simmers who play decade saves and Simmers who like to throw themed parties are going to love this! Today, we’re showing off an amazing Maxis Match set of 70s inspired party stuff! The Perfect Party CC set is a collaboration between SurelySims and GildedGhosts and comes with 20 new Build/Buy items and 5 feminine full-body outfits that harken back to dinner parties from the 1970s.

The set is mostly base game compatible; however, players who own Luxury Party Stuff will be able to use the functional version of the banquet table. Base game players will have a different version of the table that is just a regular table with object slots to snap food to. The record player requires the Get Famous expansion pack.

SurelySims created most of the Build/Buy portion of this CC set. GildedGhosts created the CAS outfits as well as the ceiling lights and rounded bar. Click the buttons below to grab both parts of the set. The Perfect Patio CC set is available to everyone for free right now!

Build/Buy Overview

Below are in-game closeups of all the items that come with the Perfect Party CC set in all available swatches. As you can see, there is a wide variety of colours and patterns in matching sets between different objects!

CAS Overview

Below we’ve picked out our favourite three swatches for each of the five new outfits but each outfit does come with many more swatches.

Our Thoughts

We love this blast from the past! The patterns and colours of all the items really reflect those iconic 70s styles and the fireplace is just so perfect for any 70s home. We can really envision our Sims going back to this iconic era at the finest and grooviest dinner party in town.

Some might call it tacky but well… those were the days! We call it mid-century class.

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