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The Sims 4: Making Glass Display Cases with Pack Content

Combine Moschino Stuff with Dream Home Decorator to create elegant display cases!

Hi Simmers! I’m back with another mini-tutorial for you! Today, I’ll be showing you how to create some lovely glass display cases using just two objects from Moschino Stuff and Dream Home Decorator.

Let’s get started!

  • Make sure you have a nice big wall to hang your shelves, then in Build/Buy, enter the cheat bb.moveobjects on. This cheat will not disable your trophies or achievements on console.
  • Search for the item called “The Acute Cutie Cube Cubbie by Be Modular” from Dream Home Decorator.
  • Hang the cubbies in a 3×4 arrangement on the wall. These shelves are modular and will snap to each other.
  • Search for the item called “Frosted Glass Room Divider” and select one of the clear glass swatches.
  • Size the divider down once with the [ key. For consoles, press left on the d-pad with the object selected.
  • Raise the divider to match the height of the cubbies by pressing the 9 key. For consoles, press both triggers and up on the d-pad.
  • Place the divider over the front of the cubbies. It’s a perfect fit! No free placement required!

Now you can place whatever small items you want in the cubbies. You have a beautiful glass display case for collectibles or anything else you want!

What other objects have you used to create glass display shelves? Let us know in the comments!

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