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Display Your Sims 4 Collectables In Style!


Take those collections out of storage and decorate your sims’ house with them!

For a lot of players, finishing collections is an important part of the game. However, there are very few display shelves to show off these collections. Today, we’re showing off a set of displays for collections by somecreativecc. She has created 22 display items so far for The Sims 4.

All display items are Base Game Compatible even if the collection is not. Although these displays are for specific collections, they work with anything of a similar size or smaller.

Display Items

This Voidcritter Display holds all 20 Voidcritter cards. Each type of card getting its own shelf. It comes in 9 in 9 swatches. If you are collecting the foil Voidcritter cards, you will need two of these shelves.
This Voidcritter Display holds all 20 Voidcritter cards. Each type of card getting its own shelf. It comes in 9 in 9 swatches. If you are collecting the foil Voidcritter cards, you will need two of these shelves.
The Simmie Collection display is a wooden piece that can be placed on the wall. It has nooks for each and every Simmie, including the Golden Simmies. It has 7 swatches.
The Holiday Cracker Collection, which contains eight Meduso figurines, has a display shelf that goes on the wall and has eight colored cubby holes. Each cubby is a different color. There are two different swatches.
The Familiar Display Shelf holds all eleven familiars in a free standing cabinet with eight swatches.
MySims Trophies have their own colorful display case that is color coordinated to the statues. There is room for all twenty MySims trophies and has three swatches.
The Ribbon Case stores up to nine ribbons. Unfortunately, this cannot store every ribbon possible to win in game, but it stores enough for most simmers. There are eleven swatches.
The Insect display neatly displays every insect next to each other. It hangs on the wall. There are nine swatches.
The Wand Collection Display only displays five wands, but would work great for the average spellcaster’s collection. There are six swatches.
This compact shelf easily stores the Snow globe collection. It has the perfect number of slots and nine swatches.
Decorative Eggs have their own egg shaped, wall-mounted display. There are exactly the number of slots and has three swatches. Although the theme is on point, it won’t fit into as many different decors as some of the other items.
The Alien Collection display is exactly what you’d expect from an alien-themed display. The metal shelves look like they’d be part of a lab or in a secret facility. But, unlike the other items, it’s more difficult to see all the items displayed. Depending on what you’re using the display for, this set up will either be perfect or awkward.
Fossils have this nice shelving unit that leans up to the wall. There are eight swatches.
Next, Jungle Adventure Artifacts have a display case like you would see at museums. Unfortunately, it would require multiple cases to store the entire collection. But, since this would be typical for things in a museum, it is understandable. The display case has eight swatches.
Jungle Adventure Treasures can also be placed in a display case. Their case has the exact number of slots as there are treasures in the game. The display case has eight swatches.
The display for the Metals is a two-side table with glass around it and a partition in the center. Unfortunately, it does not fit every metal. It has three swatches.
The Island Living display is perfect for putting anything on, but I chose to display the Buried Treasures Collection. It fit perfectly with the display. The display has nine swatches.
The Frogs Display is a relatively large shelving unit. It has signs on every shelf to identify every frog. There is enough room to put every frog type on the shelves and was pretty easy to figure out what frog went where. In total, the display has four swatches.
The Crystals display is a multilevel square display with room for most of the crystals. There are ten swatches in total.


Not only will these shelves come in handy for those that like to collect, but many of them will be great for other purposes. The MySims, Simmies, and Voidcritter shelves will go great in a child or teen room; Or even a geeky adult. If your sim is an explorer, having the jungle adventure display cases would be a realistic way to store the items brought back. And some of the shelves will work well to decorate rooms or store items.

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