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It seems the Curved Walls Leak for The Sims 4 is Real


EA – don’t blame us for this one too.

Just 2 days ago we reported on an image that surfaced the internet. An image of Curved Walls. In The Sims 4.

The leaker that we written about didn’t have any information about who they are and who they might be.

Since I know a few kind folks at EA Executive Chairs always read our articles through and through – it goes without saying like I’ve always said – we didn’t do it. We are here to report on the news, updates and articles to our community.

ARTICLE UPDATE: Our reader yxrden was able to spot a first Round Wall – disguised as a potted plant!

Oh wait no actually – what’s that Round Wall in the background?!?! Thanks to the community for the updates!

Either way, the leak seems to be confirmed real by the reveal of The Sims 4 High School Expansion Pack. And by the Game Code.

Amazing modder RAVASHEEN was able to uncover what was hiding underneath the latest Update for The Sims 4. It was new code for Walls Placement:

I saw a lot of changes in the S4S update and with the curved wall theory circling around it seems like the new settings could support this idea! In object catalog there is a new ‘Wall Optional’ box under PlacementFlagsLow and tons of new options for PlacementFlagsHigh.

– @RavasheenCC

Simmer Simmatically was able to first spot the detail regarding the Window featured in the reveal of the Expansion Pack:

And truly, they do match!

The Window in the Reveal Trailer:

The leaked Curved Wall Window:

Yup. It definitely looks real now.

On top of that, @SimMattically was able to discover other clues that The Sims Team was hinting at:

Fully Customizable Halls & Walls

The Rise & Shine Typography Arching Its Back

Well, that looks real to me.

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