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Custom Lighting Presets for Create a Sim in The Sims 4


Light up your Sims in Create A Sim with these lighting presets!

Have you ever found yourself thinking that the lighting in Create a Sim could be just that tiny bit better without needing to use a photo editor? Well, we may have the answer you’ve been looking for!

SimplyAnjuta has created several easy to use presets that you can add straight into your game!

Originally created for Halloween, SimplyAnjuta created a collection of four new presets that will give your screenshots that spooky Halloween look.

  • Citylight – an angled light with a touch of red and blue glow
  • Citylight: Torchlight – as above but with a torchlike effect
  • Neutral Light – an angled neutral light
  • Neutral Light: Torchlight – as above but with a torchlike effect

Additionally, SimplyAnjuta has created two more lighting presets for Create A Sim.

Golden Light

The Golden Light Create a Sim lighting preset is a beautiful addition to bring your screenshots to life.

This simple yet effective lighting preset gives your screenshots that extra bit of brightness and warmth that they were missing. It also is a great preset if you are looking at capturing your pets too!

Spotlight & Daylight

The Spotlight and Daylight lighting presets are variants of the two presets that have been mentioned above.

Spotlight, while similar to the Golden Light preset, offers a smoother and more subtle glow.

However, the Daylight variant is SimplyAnjuta’s Torchlight preset, however it has been edited to make it look as though the light is coming from the sun instead.

Each of these presets are a wonderful addition for capturing your Sims in Create a Sim and allow you to get those beautiful one of a kind screenshots that we all know and love!

While SimplyAnjuta has created a number of Create A Sim lighting presets, they have also created two in-game lighting presets that you can find here.

What are you waiting for? Why not add one of these lighting presets, jump into Create a Sim and capture those screenshots!

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