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Create a New Look For Your Teen in The Sims 4


Let’s Go School CC Shopping! Don’t let your sims start high school without the right clothes.

High School Years will be released before we know it! To prepare, we’ve collected a list of essential clothing that any teen sim would want in their wardrobe.

Shirt and Jeans are part of the Senior Year Collection by jellymoo
Shirt and Skirt are from Teen Life Stuff by Synth and Luumia
Simlish Food Shirts by cookiemonsterrsims

Clothing: Clothing shopping for Back to School can make or break a sim’s look. There are some teen-themed clothing sets that will give your sims many options for their preferred styles. Some sets that we like include SxL Presents: Teen Style Stuff by Synth x Luumia, Simlish Food Shirts by cookiemonsterrsims, Senior Year Collection by jellymoo, and Falling Leaves Set by cloudcat. If you want a school uniform for your feminine frame sim, there is this School Uniform Skirt & Blazer by cloudcat,

Peter Pants Collection by MadameRia
Dani Denim Skinny Jeans, regular-waisted.

Jeans: Every generation has a style of jeans they prefer. MadameRia created this Dani Denim set of 12 female frame jeans in 3 different leg styles, with a high-waisted and regular-waisted variety. There is a ripped and non-ripped version for each leg type, too. You can download them here on MadameRia’s Patreon. She also has a Peter Pants set available for male frames with fewer options.

The Corgi and Numi Backpacks by Madlen
The Avery Backpack by clumsyalien. This is part of the Road to Nowhere CC Pack.

Backpacks: Although EA doesn’t have an official way for sims to wear backpacks, many cc creators have used rarely used categories to fit in backpacks. Some backpacks that we like include the clumsyalien Avery backpack from the Road to Nowhere CC Pack. Also, we like these cute backpacks from Madlen. There is this Corgi Backpack, Hania Backpack, and Numi Backpack.

What is your favorite CC Piece? What other CC Showcase would you like to see next? Let us know in the Conversations below!

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