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Guide to Collections in The Sims 4 Werewolves


Your Guide to finding and deciphering all the Moonwood Relics!

Guide to Collections in The Sims 4 Werewolves

The Sims 4 Werewolves comes with one new collection called Moonwood Relics. There are a total of 12 pieces to collect and a special display shelf can be purchased from Build/Buy to hold all the relics. Pieces will automatically slot into their designated place when dragged to the shelf.

What makes this collection unique is they hold long-lost secrets about the history of Moonwood Mill that can’t be deciphered by just anyone. This guide is a full guide into finding these relics and learning to decode their hidden meanings.

Finding Relics

It is, unsurprisingly, ideal to have a werewolf hunt down the relics. Human Sims may be able to stumble across a relic here and there while exploring the town but only werewolves are able to pinpoint the exact location of possible relics with the right abilities, and only werewolves can learn to decipher the lost language written on them.

Guide to Collections in The Sims 4 Werewolves

There are two main ways to obtain relics; by scavenging the ground and exploring Moonwood Mill’s underground tunnel system. You may also occasionally find relic pieces in your pack’s hangout stash if you are part of a pack.

Pup rank werewolves can purchase the Scavenge ability for themselves, which will allow them to dig anywhere on the ground in the hopes of finding a relic but more often than not, you’ll find nothing. If you increase your rank to Runt, you can purchase the Enhanced Smell ability. This will be extremely helpful in locating relics through scavenging. Your werewolf will be able to use this ability to sniff out specific areas where something is buried underground. Look for spots that are emitting stink fumes after using the Enhanced Smell ability; if you scavenge there, you are guaranteed to find something. It won’t always be a relic but you will still locate relics far more easily with this ability than without it.

Anyone can explore the tunnel system below Moonwood Mill, not just werewolves, but if you are a werewolf of at least Prime rank, you can purchase the Nightvision ability for yourself. This is going to help you find items in those dark tunnels. You won’t always find a relic but you still greatly increase your odds by having this ability. There are three tunnel entrances around Moonwood Mill; the old bunker next to the Volkov household, the portal potties near the river in town, and the sewer grate near the Wildfangs’ hangout. There is also a tunnel entrance you can purchase in Build/Buy and place on your home lot that will connect you to the tunnel system.

Don’t forget to check your pack’s resources at their hangout frequently! You might find relics in the stash that you can claim for yourself.

Deciphering Relics

When you first find a relic, you won’t be able to read the lore it contains. It’s in a very old language made up of cryptic symbols and only a werewolf can learn to read it.

Guide to Collections in The Sims 4 Werewolves

Werewolves have dormant abilities that can be unlocked at any rank. Each dormant ability has a different requirement to unlock it. You will need to unlock the Lunar Epiphany dormant ability to be able to decipher the ancient language on the relics that you find.

Guide to Collections in The Sims 4 Werewolves

To do that, spend a lot of time reading any of the werewolf books in Moonwood Mill. They are not skill books and look the same as any of the other books in the game but the titles and summaries will reference werewolves. The library in Moonwood Mill will have a decent selection of these books but any bookshelf in Moonwood Mill will have a few of these books. More of the books can be scavenged with the help of the Enhanced Smell ability. You may also find them in the tunnels or your pack’s hangout stash.

It may take a while to unlock the Lunar Epiphany ability but just keep reading as many werewolf books as you can until you obtain this ability.

Guide to Collections in The Sims 4 Werewolves

Once you possess the ability to decipher the relics, click on a relic and select Decipher Engraving. Your Sim will spend a short amount of time studying the relic with a little pen and notepad. When they are finished, you’ll be able to hover the curser over the relic to see a tooltip that explains a piece of lore connected to the relic.

Collect and decipher all the relic pieces to get the unabridged history of Moonwood Mill and learn where werewolves originated!

Relic List

Guide to Collections in The Sims 4 Werewolves

Below is the full list of relics to be found. We have not included the lore that can be deciphered from every relic in order to avoid spoiling everything for players but you will be able to see which pieces you’re missing from your collection, their rarity, and value.

For players who do like spoilers, keep an eye out for our lore article summarizing all the lore of Moonwood Mill coming shortly in the next week or two!

Mooncaster Pot Shard: "Learning"Common50
Tamed Cowplant JawboneCommon75
Tamed Cowplant SkullCommon75
Canine Familiar Figurine: "Brutus"Uncommon125
Canine Familiar Figurine: "Verity"Uncommon100
Mooncaster Pot Shard: "Planting"Uncommon75
Mooncaster Pot Shard: "Turning"Uncommon75
Myshupotamian Tablet: Cowplant TamingUncommon125
Myshupotamian Tablet: Wise WolfmanUncommon125
Canine Familiar Figurine: "Gibby"Rare250
Canine Familiar Figurine: "Renga"Rare200
Mooncaster Pot LidRare125

Have you deciphered all the relics yet? Let us know in the comments!

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