The Sims 4 High School Years

New Info About The Sims 4 Content Update and High School Years


SimGurus have answered more questions regarding the Upcoming Expansion Pack and Base Game Update!

SimGuruGeorge went on a huge spree on Twitter of providing answers regarding The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack. Shortly after the livestream he shared insightful information about both the Pack and Base Game Update.

Down below are the official answers from SimGuruGeorge, as well as the official statement from The Sims regarding the upcoming Sexual Orientation Update.

Missed the official Livestream? We have a full Written Recap and Summary!

Placing Any Window on a Curved Wall

The move objects cheat will allow you to put any window you want on a curved wall. They won’t all look good just because of the width of them, but you can make that call on your own builds. The filter in B/B is there to help find windows that should look good on curves.

New Outfit (and Body Hair!) Preview

New Info About The Sims 4 Content Update and High School Years

Looking dapper!

Expansion of Wants and Fears

There are a long list of wants & fears. I don’t recall all of them off hand. There are some that are specific to The Sims 4 High School Years but the team did go back and add some for the previous content. I’m sure more can be added for future packs too.

The Phone Updates and Additions

The trendi and social bunny apps are a part of The Sims 4 High School Years, but the phone overhaul is coming to everyone.

Also – Wants *and* Fears have their own Toggle Option in the Game Settings!

Everybody liked that.

About the School Schedule

The school schedule might seem weird at first. But consider different families you start playing at different times, kids aging up mid week, teens aging up as well.

The schedule aims to allow all teens a chance to experience all the key high school events no matter when they join or leave high school.

One of those interesting choices we have to make when designing for the different possibilities the Sims provided.

By the way – Prom Attendance is Optional!

Don’t want to turn your Fears forcefully into a reality, right?

So, what about the School Year lenght and customization?

The school year is equal to the teen lifespan you set in the gameplay options.

And the Sexual Orientation Update?

The Sims Team released the following statement:

Sul Sul Simmers! This feature will be yours to utilize according to your Sims’ stories. Your newly-created Sims & current Sims will romantically behave as they currently do prior to the release of this feature unless you change their orientation settings in Create a Sim. If you do not change their settings, Sims will have no inherent attraction to a gender, attraction can shift through gameplay, & they will WooHoo with any gender – the default state for a new Sim. Happy Simming!

What do you think about all the upcoming changes and features coming to The Sims 4? Let us know in the conversation below!

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