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The Drag & Shop Kiosk Mod Lets You Work ANYWHERE in The Sims 4


Tired of working the market stalls for hours and running to Henford-on-Bagley all the time? Yeah. Us too.

If you’re anything like me, you love to play with creative Sims who make their living through their craft. Whether it’s farming, painting, candle making, or woodworking, there are so many ways to make simoleons pursuing at-home skills and hobbies in The Sims 4.

The Drag & Shop Kiosk Mod Lets You Work ANYWHERE in The Sims 4

The only problem is there’s not a whole lot of ways to sell what you’ve made that’s efficient. There are market tables you can start yard sales with but you have to babysit the market table all day long and you might not even sell very much depending on how many Sims show up to your yard sale and how much stock you have to sell. That’s a whole day gone where you could have been taking care of your farm or honing your craft. You could pay a visit to the shop stalls in Henford-on-Bagley but there are some items they won’t buy from you and if your Sim lives in a different world, it breaks the immersion when they have to travel to a totally different part of the world just to sell their goods. And of course, you could just quick-sell through the inventory but that takes away some realism.

The Drag & Shop Kiosk Mod Lets You Work ANYWHERE in The Sims 4

So what’s the solution? Well, the amazing Ravasheen has given us the Drag & Shop Community Kiosk! It requires no NPCs to run the kiosk, it can be placed in any world on any lot, and it’s base game compatible!

The kiosk is open from 9am to 3am but you can SHIFT+Click the kiosk with testingcheats enabled to bring up extra options, including the ability to force the kiosk to open outside regular hours. Sims can both buy and sell at the kiosk. The kiosk sells a much wider variety of items than other shop stalls, like camping, hiking, and jungle supplies, as well as the crafted instruments that aren’t ordinarily available in the Build/Buy catalogue. The kiosk will also purchase just about any craftable or harvestable item that can go in a Sim’s personal inventory.

But it’s not just a quick and easy marketplace! For a small $10 fee, Sims can use the kiosk as a point of map travel which they can do 24/7 even when the kiosk isn’t open. They can haggle prices and even use it as a public bathroom when they really have to go. Their bladder motive needs to be at 25% or less to use the washroom.

If you also use the TOOL mod by TwistedMexi, the kiosk can even be placed off of a lot anywhere you like in the common space. Plop it down anywhere in the area of your Sim’s home and you won’t need to go through a load screen at all to go sell your wares or take up space on your home lot!

The Drag & Shop Kiosk Mod Lets You Work ANYWHERE in The Sims 4

I’m definitely going to be using this in my medieval save and for my Sims who own an Old Western ranch in StrangerVille.

The Drag & Shop Community Kiosk is currently in early access for Ravasheen’s patrons but will be made free for everyone on August 9th, 2022!

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