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Add More LGBTQ+ Features to The Sims 4 with this Mod!


A new update to an already loved LGBTQIA+ mod!

As part of the LGBTQIA+ Mod’s July 10th update, Lumpinou has added two new ways for your Sims to meet other compatible Sims and improved some other aspects of the mod. These are two new features that will improve the ease of finding compatible Sims and bring realism to the game.

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Sims can now go on Meet & Mingle! Semi-blind dates. Meet & Mingle! Is a dating app that auto matches your Sim with other compatible Sims. It takes into consideration each sim’s orientation and identity.

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Also added was the LGBTQIA+ Hangout Lot Trait. This lot trait was made to spend time with other LGBTQIA+ Sims. It can also be used to help Sims find compatible partners. There are even Special Nights throughout the week for different groups. Each Special Night lasts from 6 pm to 11 pm. Each week, Monday is aro/ace night, Tuesday is W(N)LW night, Wednesday is M(N)LM night, and Thursday is GNC night.

Other improvements were being able to add/remove several Extra Aspects in a row. Also, any Sim that is trans due to being auto-assigned and has had affirming steps should now be assigned “an outfit style and name that will fit them better”

Note: Due to EA adding a sexual orientation system to the base game, Lumpinou posted this on their website:

This mod will need to be updated to make its own systems work and in hand with those, or rather make those ‘obey’ the settings my mod offers. Since my mod is much more developed than this, the orientation / identity aspects of my mod are not retiring for now.

I will thus be updating my mod to make everything work nicely, and at this stage none of the features of my mod will disappear.”

These new updates add some great new features to an already great mod!

Custom Content Used on Sim in Screenshots
Goth Pikes Male deathpoke1qa
Fite Club Tights by Dallas Girl
Janet Hair by Ice-CreamForBreakfast
Suits You Sir-Styro Kilt by Ice-CreamForBreakfast

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