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You Decide The Future of Sims Community

You Decide The Future of Sims Community

ROUND ONE: The Sims Community Crystal

We cannot say much. Nor we will. Yet!

All we can say is that our previous symbol – the Sims Community Plumbob, has went through very unfortunate burnout. Therefore, the SC Plumbob has decided to fully retire.

Thank you the Sims Community Plumbob for your service! <3

You Decide The Future of Sims Community

Sims Community’s Plumbob

June 2022 – July 2022

Having a symbol predetermined by us carried a lot of weight in itself. We shouldn’t be the ones setting the look for our Community. THE COMMUNITY should be the one who gets to choose, right?

The power is now in your hands. It’s time TO VOTE!

This poll has ended (since 3 months).

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