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Creator makes Curved Windows that we should’ve gotten in The Sims 4


This Custom Content Curved Window Set is just what was missing in the Base Game. Literally!

We wrote about the first arrival of CCCWs. Or Custom Content Curved Windows for short.

The Custom Content Creators got to work and have started working on some beautiful things. For example, the Creator @TudTuds has done a huge work of converting all of The Sims 4 Base Game Windows.

Making sure that the Curve of the Windows fits just right, the Creator has spent around 40 hours adjusting and making sure the Base Game CC Set is as good as other Base Game Windows.

Check out the official introduction and description by the creator!

Creator makes Curved Windows that we should’ve gotten in The Sims 4

About it

(a boring text about what I did so you can jump to The Items topic if you want)

(not a tutorial, but I’m planning to release one soon)

I challenged myself to create a curved window even before the new EP was released. I was about to give up when SimGuruGeorge commented on one of my posts. I realized I was on the right track, but I should have been typing larger numbers into a parameter. So I barely slept that night but I managed to complete my challenge. The next day woke up wanting to convert all BG game windows but this was a far from realistic goal.

These conversions are very time-demanding. Each curved window item works like a counter, cabinet, or sectional and has 8 windows in it. To convert the BG items I couldn’t just clone a template and create it like I create a new cc window because some BG window swatches have different maps to create reflection and little details and this is all coded in numbers and out of order on the material edit tab of Sims4studio.
The least difficult way to create was to manually clone and enter a lot of data in each individual window.

I spent over 40 hours in 3 days but managed to convert 7 Base game windows to curved walls.

Know Issues

Even on Maxis’s windows, I noticed some bugs so I didn’t try to fix them because I feel that they will release a lot of adjustments soon.

  • When you reload the game it’ll appear some wall parts over the glass and it will affect the shadows too;
  • If you combine two small curved walls to create a cylinder, one of the windows won’t cutout the wall;
  • Some thin weird lines at the wall may appear depending of your graphic card;

The Items

  • This post has 7 converted base game windows;
  • They will appear as a different item in the catalog but will function in exactly the same way as HSY;
  • I created all 6 new meshes from each 7 windows based on the maxis meshes, but I had to change a bit the tallest ones:

Booth Glacemaster 1700C and Glacemaster 1700C – Combo, had a not-too-realistic price on the game. It was listed for 30$ in the catalog so I increased it to 300$;

– I changed the height of the The Glacemaster 1700C – Combo mid mullions. It’s now aligned with the mid and low wall versions;

Best Search Terms

“Curved” , “Converted by Tuds”

This CCCW can be yours right now for free!

Make sure you hit the button below. You can also further support the Modder and their future developments on their Patreon!

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