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First Community High School Builds for The Sims 4


The new Expansion Pack, High School Years, only comes with one High School lot and no other lots can be created. This disappointed many simmers. With that being the case, finding the best high school is even more important! So we found five of our favorite High Schools created by the community.

You can find all of these creations on the Gallery by looking up their creator’s ID and then looking up the build name.

Copperdale High School

First Community High School Builds for The Sims 4

By: asislavender

This building was “originally built in 1910” and retains many of its original architectural features. The interior design has a cohesive design brought together with the tile details. This school has specific details and any room you could possibly need for your Sims.

There is a computer lab, workshop/fabrication class, art class, music class, and acting class. There is a cafeteria. Tucked in the corner, Copperdale High School has its own school news show. And for the faculty? There’s a teacher’s lounge. And when your Sim gets hurt, there’s a nurse’s office.

Behind the high school, there is a gymnasium with bleachers, locker rooms, a basketball court, and a coach’s office.

High School-Copperdale

First Community High School Builds for The Sims 4

By: PlumbobKingdom

Three things you’ll notice when pulling up to PlumbobKingdom’s build are the yellow school buses, three prominent flags, and the striking architecture. No detail was left to the imagination, there’s even a row of bicycles parked outside.

Inside the build, the important areas to help a young Sim study are present from a library to classrooms. There are individual areas for art, science, and music. There’s even a workout area and a principal’s office. Everything you would need for your teen Sim’s perfect school!

Modern High School

First Community High School Builds for The Sims 4

By: borgopixel

This modern high school has an interesting feature with a walkway underneath the middle portion of the School. It has a focus on indoor-outdoor learning with an outdoor eating area with a food cart and vending machines.

The building has spaces for art and music. There’s a library for Sims to study in. And in the back of the school, there’s a basketball court with bleachers with also a place to practice for cheer!

Copperdale High School

First Community High School Builds for The Sims 4

By: WikaiKuba

A beautiful stone building with a tall clock tower, this version of Copperdale High School resembles the boarding schools we’ve all seen on television. The inside of the building has a calming tan theme.

Inside the library, there is a library where Sims can both hang out and use a computer or read a book. Art, woodworking, and pumpkin carving stations are available for Sims to learn on and there is science equipment for students to use. And for the fitness-loving Sims, there is a gym with a basketball court and locker rooms.

Copperdale High School

First Community High School Builds for The Sims 4

By: LindseyLou10

The front entry garden is what first catches a visitor’s eye at LindseyLou10’s Copperdale High School! It has two floors and contrasting white and red brick and a clock tower stands tall above the entryway. The inside of the building has a beautiful blue, white, and red theme. There is an indoor-outdoor space where a tree is growing.

For students, there are plenty of areas to learn skills. There is an art and music area in addition to the computer lab and lounge areas. For students interested in fitness, there is a workout room. Finally, when everyone wants to get together for a meal, there’s a cafeteria and a patio behind the school.

And don’t forget to check out SnarkyWitchy’s Japanese High School!

Is there a high school build that you’ve been using or did you create one you’re proud of? Share with us below.

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