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All About Joining the Cheer Team in The Sims 4 High School


Everything you need to know about how to become Cheer Captain of your high school!

The Sims 4 High School Years comes with four brand new after-school activities for your teen Sims to join: Cheer Team, Football Team, Chess Team, and Computer Team.

We’re going to be walking you through joining and excelling in the Cheer Team!

Starting Cheer Team

To join the Cheer Team, use the phone or a computer to sign up for an after-school activity. Then select Cheer Team from the available choices. Signing up for an after-school activity will be under the Business app on your cell phone, or the new High School category on a computer.

Cheer Team runs from 3:30pm to 5:30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Cheer practice is treated like a rabbithole career but there are plenty of active elements to being on the Cheer Team. Make sure your Sim is at home and not at school when cheer practice starts so they can leave the lot to enter the rabbithole destination.

You’ll start out as a new recruit and get a complimentary solo cheer mat in your inventory. You can place the cheer mat anywhere you like on the ground and use it to practice your cheer routines. You’ll have to practice your routines between every practice to advance in this after-school activity. Cheerleading is tied to the Fitness skill. Practicing your cheer routines builds the Fitness skill and Fitness skill is also needed for advancement.

Using the Cheer Mats

There are two types of cheer mats available to purchase from Build/Buy; a small one for solo practices and a large one for group practices. Sims can practice solo on either the small or large mats but you’ll need to have a large mat to practice with more than one Sim.

In order to practice a routine with other Sims, they’ll need to be in a group with your Sim. Click on the Sims you want to practice with and select Actions > Add to Group. Once all the Sims you want to practice with are in the group, click the cheer mat and the option to do a group cheer will become available. If it’s not, unpause the game and wait a few seconds before trying again. Up to 7 Sims can practice together at a time.

It’s easiest to get everyone on the mat if all Sims are already close to the mat. We recommend directing the group somewhere close to the mat before trying to do a group cheer; if some of the members have to walk a long distance to get there, the other Sims may start the cheer without them.

How well your Sim does at cheerleading is dependant on their Fitness skill. Sims with high Fitness skill will perform more impressive moves and rarely mess up. Sims at lower Fitness levels may take some pretty nasty wipeouts when they attempt some of the more advanced moves. Seriously, we winced when we saw some of these wipeouts. They’re painful to watch.

Cheerleading Levels and Rewards

The Cheer Team has three promotion levels and each level comes with new rewards.

1) Cheerleading Fresh Recruit

  • Description: [Sim Name] is new to cheerleading! There’s a lot of fun in getting started in cheer but as a competitive activity, [Sim Name] will have to put in the effort to keep physical fitness up and practice cheer to make it to the next level.
  • Advancement Tasks:
    • Reach Level 2 Fitness Skill
  • Daily Task:
    • Practice Cheer with a Cheer Mat
  • Rewards:
    • School Spirit Solo Cheer Mat
School Spirit Solo Cheer Mat in all swatches

2) Cheerleading Teammate

  • Description: [Sim Name] is getting really good at this and his/her/their moves are starting to be in unison with the rest of the team. Keep on building fitness, practicing cheer skills, and make it to practice and soon enough, [Sim Name] might be eligible for cheer captain.
  • Advancement Tasks:
    • Reach Level 4 Fitness Skill
  • Daily Task:
    • Practice Cheer with a Cheer Mat
  • Rewards:
    • Cheer Team Flag
Cheer Team Flag. This item is only available in one swatch.

3) Cheerleading Captain

  • Description: [Sim Name] has risen to the top of the cheerleading pyramid! The team admires the skills and performance, which is very impressive for a busy teen. Go [Sim Name]!
  • Advancement Tasks:
    • N/A
  • Daily Task:
    • Practice Cheer with a Cheer Mat
  • Rewards:
    • All Star Golden Cheer Mat
    • High School Cheerleading Trophy

Cheerleading Team Sports Day

The Cheerleading Team Sports Day event happens in the football field behind the high school every Friday between 5pm-10pm. Since there’s no cheer practice on Fridays, it won’t interfere with the after-school activity.

Anyone can attend the event and participate in the cheer competition; you don’t have to be on the Cheer Team.

When you arrive at the school after the event starts, there will be banner archways emitting fireworks, photo backdrops, a vendor, a boombox, three cheer mats, two picnic tables, and a podium. The main activity at this event is the cheer competition but Sims can also take selfies and pose for pictures in front of the backdrops, purchase cheer outfits, school merch, and drinks and snacks, and dance to music.

To join the cheer competition, just click on a cheer mat and perform a routine, either solo or with friends in your group. When you’re finished, find the Sim with the Competition Judge role in red above their head. Click them and select Submit Competition Score.

At 9pm, the judge will step up to the podium and announce the winners. You’ll be notified whether you won or not. Winning seems to be random since our Sim with level 10 Fitness who pulled off a perfect routine didn’t win.

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