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EA is happy how Healthy and Strong The Sims 4 is as a Business


EA’s Executive VP and COO Laura Miele is satisfied with The Sims 4. Businesswise.

EA had their Earnings Release Call for Investors for the first Quarter of Fiscal Year 2023.

During Earnings Calls, EA executives and chiefs talk about their current franchises, developments and plans for the future to their investors.

In the latest Earnings Call for Q1 2023, EA’s Andrew Wilson talked a little bit about The Sims and the current demographic of their players:

We continue to see Gen Alpha and Gen Z turning to games as their primary form of entertainment, consuming more content than any generation of the past. They love playing with friends. They stay connected with family. And they’re creating content at every turn, both in and around their entire gaming experience. Whether they play games from our expansive EA SPORTS portfolio to fuel their fandom, enjoy the intensity and competition of Apex Legends or seek adventure in games such as Star Wars Jedi, the next generations of consumers use the power of play to fully immerse and express themselves, to build deeper, more meaningful connections with the communities they identify with and where they feel they belong.

They’re using games like the Sims to unleash their personal and creative autonomy, building characters and new stories with their friends. Delivering games that fuel creativity where players can join, compete and interact with each other through social and immersive experiences is an exciting growth lever for Electronic Art as we continue to expand and diversify our portfolio and build global online communities spanning more geographies. Games are the social networks of the future.

Later on during the Q&A portion of the Earnings Calls one of the callers asked a question about the state of The Sims Franchise:

Question: With regards to the Sims, I think you just had your first expansion pack in about a year, maybe talk about what’s been going on there.

Laura Miele – Electronic Arts Inc. – Executive VP & COO: And for the Sims question, you mentioned, so we — one of my favorite things about the Sims business is how healthy and strong it is. We actually released game packs, content and expansion packs several a year. So we are persistently connected to our players in that community. And we are pretty excited about how strong and the size of this business after about 10 years, we’ve had the Sims 4 brand out.

So this is something that we persistently put content into the player community, and we’ll continue to do that for the years to come.


I don’t even have to add any additional commentary to this. You’ve probably read my countless articles about the recent issues with The Sims 4 already.

What do you think?

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