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How to Pick Your Classrooms in The Sims 4 High School Years


Choose which classrooms your teens have for different subjects! No mods or CC required!

There is a lot to love about The Sims 4 High School Years, which adds so much for teens to do and discover that really set them apart from adults for the first time in The Sims 4’s history. However, one complaint from players is that the classes are all the same no matter what subject your Sims are taking. Math, science, art, and every other subject all take place in the same room every day. In a real high school, the classrooms are set up differently depending on what subject is being taught.

But there’s good news! A user on Twitter, @AmandaKWrites, has found a way we can customise which classrooms our teen Sims have their different subjects in! It doesn’t involve any mods or CC, either. All you need is at least three classrooms (or more) with a whiteboard in each class.

Amanda goes into more detail on Twitter but here’s the basic breakdown of how to do this.

  • At the start of the school day, during morning free time, click your teen Sim and select High School > Review Class Schedule to see what subjects your Sim has that day.
  • Your teens will always be in Class 1, so click on any unused whiteboard and select Assign Whiteboard to Class 1. If the interaction is not available, this means the whiteboard is already assigned to a class. Find the unused whiteboard to reshuffle classes if need be until you can assign the whiteboard for the room you want to Class 1.
  • Your teens will now go to that classroom for their first class of the day!
  • During lunch period, do the same thing to assign your teen to a classroom that’s appropriate for their next subject.
How to Pick Your Classrooms in The Sims 4 High School Years

It requires a bit of a game of “musical whiteboards” but once you get it, it’s fairly simple to make sure your teens attend the right classrooms for their subjects.

This is mostly for immersion and storytelling purposes. Your students will still sit at desks and take notes even if there are easels in the room for art class or instruments for music class. If there are no desks, they’ll sit on the floor for the lesson, which can be a good way to have a more casual class setting if you want.

How to Pick Your Classrooms in The Sims 4 High School Years

Thank you Amanda for letting the Simming community know about this neat trick! A lot of us will surely get plenty of use out of this feature!

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