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Huge IKEA Inspired CC Home Set for The Sims 4


A whopping 90 fashionably “baysic” furnishings for your fashionably “baysic” homes!

Popular CC creators, heyHarrie and Felixandre have teamed up to give Simmers a huge collection of new furnishings and décor to decorate their homes! The Baysic collection is inspired by “our favourite Swedish furniture store” according to heyHarrie on Twitter, most likely referring to IKEA.

Since the IKEA Home Stuff pack for The Sims 2 was so wildly popular back in its hey day, we think Simmers are going to love this new CC collection with even more items than IKEA Home Stuff and in a more contemporary style than IKEA Home Stuff, which was released 14 years ago in 2008.

You can check out previews of everything included in this CC set in this handy gif preview provided by heyHarrie! There is so much to look at, we actually watched the whole thing a few times over to be sure we got to really admire every piece in this collection!


Ya Baysic! 

Felixandre & Hey Harrie are back with yet another collaboration, but this time it is for that simpler life! It’s great to have unique one of a kind pieces in your Sims’ homes, but sometimes it’s the Baysic items that are missing. This set of 91 items aims to solve the problem for the living, dining, kitchen and bedroom.

Kitchen: Two fully fledged kitchens with not only a rainbow of colour swatches, but also special accent counters, appliance units, fridge nooks and colour co-ordinated appliances. Not forgetting the new kitchen prep trolley & clutter pieces to turn your house into a home.

Dining: A set of matching dining tables in 3 sizes along with a matching dining chair and pendant lighting 

Living: Full suite of matching sofa, love seat and armchair, plus your favourite ‘Needs No Introduction’’ accent armchair, along with matching side & coffee table and lighting options for every area of the room

Bedroom: The most requested item has finally been brought to life! The ‘Packs Wardrobe System’ enables you to create a custom built in wardrobe with 3 different cupboard fronts that snap into place and allow you to create an infinite amount of colour combinations to suit your room design perfectly. Of course there is a matching set of double, single and toddler bed frames and comfy bedding

99.9% of the items are Base Game compatible, however the ‘Colour Pop High Oven’ requires DHD to be fully functional. If you don’t own that pack the item will still place in game, but be purely decorative. 

Also make sure to have auto counters turned off when placing built-in appliances, otherwise they disappear when placed. You can always turn auto counters back on once placed 🙂

You can find all of the items in the build/buy catalogue by searching BAYSIC, plus look out for the fun new item names introduced with this set. 

This amazing Maxis Match set is available now to everyone! Click the download button below to add it to your game!

Please note that mods and custom content are for PC/Mac only. Console does not support mods and custom content.

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