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Introducing Community Reviews!


Sims Community is growing its tools and giving readers an opportunity to express themselves. Through OpenWeb’s Social Platform, we are expanding the possibilities of conversations, and keeping those conversations fun, safe and constructive.

Sims Community wants to build a review platform that is based on honesty and transparency. From players who experienced a game. And who want to tell their experience about a game they’ve played.

AND give a ⭐️ rating!

Sims Community is introducing Community Reviews, that allow players to give their honest reviews about a Sims Game they’ve played.

On each Community Review post you are able to give a rating from 1 to 5 stars for a given question.

Introducing Community Reviews!

Sims Community wants to review current and future Game releases through the eyes of the community. With their stories, opinions, and even in-game screenshots.

The Sims 4 High School Years Community Review

This Expansion Pack just recently came out, and many players are on the fence for whether they should get the Pack or not. It’s generally hard to get an actual perception of a quality of a Sims Pack, considering that this is a life simulation game after all, and not all aspects will appeal to every player.

With High School Years, it’s hard because the pack both appeals – and doesn’t appeal, to different types of Sims players there are out there. Just like with previous Packs. However, personal stories, experiences and reports on the Game you’ve played can make a positive impact and help a player make a decision.

High School Years has been out for 10 days, and many are still wondering if the game is playable or not. For this round, we are making a trial period with the game’s current state, and we’re planning to do another High School Years Review after things (hopefully) get better.

Until then, we also think it’s important to elevate the voices of our readers and spotlight actual player experiences. Other than the ones we write you about on Sims Community!

That’s why we’re also bringing:

Introducing Community Reviews!

Community Review Highlights

Your Review might be featured in our Community Review Highlights Article! Submissions with In-Game Photos will be featured in our upcoming Community Highlights article. Including our upcoming High School Years Highlights!

That’s it for now!

You can try out our first Community Review by clicking the button below.

It’s recommended that the Review is done with a photo submission so we can spotlight you on our website!

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