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Joining the Football Team in The Sims 4 High School Years


Everything you need to know about how to become Football Captain of your high school!

The Sims 4 High School Years comes with four brand new after-school activities for your teen Sims to join: Cheer Team, Football Team, Chess Team, and Computer Team.

We’re going to be walking you through joining and excelling in the Football Team!

Starting Football Team

To join the Football Team, use the phone or a computer to sign up for an after-school activity. Then select Football Team from the available choices. Signing up for an after-school activity will be under the Business app on your cell phone, or the new High School category on a computer.

Football Team runs from 3:30pm to 5:30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Football practice is treated like a rabbithole career but there are plenty of active elements to being on the Football Team. Make sure your Sim is at home and not at school when football practice starts so they can leave the lot to enter the rabbithole destination.

You’ll start out as a fresh recruit and get a football in your inventory to practice with. You need another Sim to practice with, otherwise there won’t be any options available on the football. Click the football in your inventory and select either Normal or Difficult Practice with another Sim. You’ll have to practice with the football between every practice to advance in this after-school activity. Football is tied to the Fitness skill. Practicing with the football builds the Fitness skill.

Football Team Levels and Rewards

The Football Team has three promotion levels and each level comes with new rewards.

1) Football Team Fresh Recruit

  • Description: [Sim Name] is just fetching water bottles for now, but soon he’ll/she’ll/they’ll be an all-star! Dreams of running across that green athletic field will only be accomplished by increasing fitness skill and to work on getting hit in the face less often by the ball being tossed to him/her/them.
  • Advancement Tasks:
    • Reach Level 2 Fitness Skill
  • Daily Task:
    • Practice with Football
  • Rewards:
    • Classic Aero Football
Classic Aero Football. This object is only available in one swatch.

2) Football Team Member

  • Description: Hut, Hike, Kick! [Sim Name] knows most of the lingo now but it’s just a small move forward in being promoted on the team. Continuous fitness gain and practicing flawless football tosses will help reach the coveted title of football captain.
  • Advancement Tasks:
    • Reach Level 4 Fitness Skill
  • Daily Task:
    • Practice with Football
  • Rewards:
    • Football Team Flag
Football Team Flag. This object is only available in one swatch.

3) Football Team Captain

  • Description: Dream come true! [Sim Name] is captain of the football team. That’ll sure look good on a resume!
  • Advancement Tasks:
    • N/A
  • Daily Task:
    • Practice with Football
  • Rewards:
    • Golden Champion Football
    • High School Football Trophy

Football Team Sports Day

The Football Team Sports Day event happens in the football field behind the high school every Thursday between 5pm-10pm. Since there’s no football practice on Thursdays, it won’t interfere with the after-school activity.

Anyone can attend the event and participate in the football toss competition; you don’t have to be on the Football Team.

When you arrive at the school after the event starts, there will be banner archways emitting fireworks, photo backdrops, a vendor, one group cheer mat, several footballs, two picnic tables, and a podium. The main activity at this event is the football toss but Sims can also take selfies and pose for pictures in front of the backdrops, purchase football outfits, school merch, and drinks and snacks, and dance to music.

To join the football toss, click on any football at the event or in your inventory and choose Normal or Difficult practice with any other Sim there. Try to make sure you pick a Sim with high Fitness skill, as their performance will also affect your score. When you’re finished, find the Sim with the Competition Judge role in red above their head. Click them and select Submit Competition Score.

At 9pm, the judge will step up to the podium and announce the winners. You’ll be notified whether you won or not. Winning seems to be random since our two Sims with level 10 Fitness didn’t win and weren’t able to pull off a perfect throw even though both were in a good mood.

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