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A Full Set of Matching CC Wood-Toned Stairs, Railing and Fences


Get matching wood tones in The Sims 4 with this Custom Content from MadameRia!

Ever since the re-introduction of swatches into The Sims 4, Simmers have had trouble matching wood tones and patterns, etc. This has caused many Simmers to either use the same few choices or turn to Custom Content to make their game match.

Thanks to MadameRia, we now have a set of matching Stairs, Railing, and Fence to match their Limber Lumber Floor Recolor. She was inspired by Peacemaker’s Wood Tones 02 Palette which is pictured below.

The mod is divided into four packages or you can download it as a zip file:

  • MadameRiaMatchingSwatchesMegaFenceBasic: This is a recolor of the Mega Fence (Basic) with fence posts that repeat every tile.
  • MadameRiaMatchingSwatchesMegaRailing: This is a recolor of the original Mega Railing.
  • MadameRiaMatchingSwatchesMegaFenceBasicNoRepetition: This has fence posts that only show up at the end of the fence lines. MadameRia notes that you can combine with the repeating version for variation of post placements.
  • MadameRiaMatchingSwatchesUnremarkableStairs: This is a recolor of the Unremarkable Stairs.

Some notes to include from MadameRia:
“I used TSRW to make all of these recolors, so I ran into a lot of problems. Because of that, there are a few important notes about this set:

  • There are no custom thumbnails.
  • “The Mega Fence (Basic) has a different price (§25) so it will show up earlier in the BB catalog!”
  • “The Unremarkable Stairs use the Martian Soil wallpaper as their default wall.”

We love using this set already and we can’t wait to see what other people use the set for in their builds. Don’t forget to get the matching Limber Lumber RC: A BGC Wood Floor Recolor Set to complete your matching set. Both sets are linked below!

Limber Lumber RC: A BGC Wood Flooring Recolor

Matching Swatches: BG Recolor for Stairs, Railing, and Fence

Are you bothered by the lack of matching stairs, railings, and fences in-game? Will you be downloading this set?

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