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New The Sims 4 Tool Allows You to Replace Premades for New Saves


Easily create a base save with TS4 Premade Household Tool!

For many of us, we have created a Base Save that we use every time we start a new game. It has all our Sim and lot makeovers already in place and problems fixed. Any other changes we want in-game are already done in our Base Save. It’s an effective alternative to setting up a new save each time we want to start a new game. And now there is a new way to ensure our Sim makeovers show up every time we hit New Game!

The creator denton47 released the TS4 Premade Household Tool, which is a game-changer in setting up games. First, you will need to makeover the premade sims of your choice. Then, you will need to use the tool to choose the Sim you made over. Make sure to save them to a package file. You can save the whole family to one package file. Put the package file into your mods folder and delete your cache. Then, the next time you start a game, your sims will replace the original premades!

Some notes from the creator:

  • The tool will transfer age, gender, aspiration, voice, skin tone, traits, morphs, outfits, peltlayers, and genetic data. This includes all CC! (Must be installed to work)
  • Make sure not to change the first name of the Sims.
  • The household portrait is the default from the game files. It does not represent how the Sims look in the game.

How to Use the Mod:

How to create a new premade Bjergsen household (makeover)
1. Double-Click on TS4HouseholdTool.exe to start the tool.
2. Select the save game file you want to use as a base for creating a new household template.
3. In the Households list box select Bjergsen, the household members should display in the Sims list box along with the default portrait image.
4. Click Save to Package to save the new template.
5. Copy the package to your mods folder and start a new game.

How to create an empty Willow Creek
1. Start the tool and select the second tab page.
2. In Region select Willow Creek and all residential lots will appear in the Lots list box.
3. Select lot Cypress Terrace (Spencer-Kim-Lewis) and click Move Out.
4. Repeat step 3 for the other three lots/households.
5. If you don’t want the households completely removed from your game you should add them as Townies by clicking Add next to the Townies list box.
6. Click Save and copy the package to your mods folder and start a new game.

How to replace EA households in Willow Creek with custom households
1. First you need one or more Save Games containing the four custom households you want to use.
2. Start the tool and open the first Save Game file.
3. Find the first household and click Save to Package.
4. Find the next three households and click Add to Package.

5. Navigate to the second tab page and select Region Willow Creek.
6. Click Open and select the package created in steps 3 & 4, this will import them into the world.
7. Select lot Cypress Terrace (Spencer-Kim-Lewis) and click Move Out.
8. While Cypress Terrace is still selected click Move In and select the first custom household you want to use.
9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 for the remaining three lots/households.
10. Again you will need to decide whether to keep the EA households as Townies or not.
11. Click Save and copy the package to your mods folder and start a new game.

(Instructions From ModTheSims)

The Tool is available for free. Make sure to read the full instructions on the ModTheSims download page!

How will you be using the new tool?

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