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Elevate Your Pools with This Custom Sims 4 Poolside Lounge Pack!


This Maxis Match pool set will take your pool patios from drab to fab in no time!

Custom content creators are always blowing us away with high quality, Maxis Match creations that often look better than what Maxis makes themselves. This amazing poolside lounge set by Max 20 proves that!

Image from Max 20

The set is called the Poolside Lounge Pack and comes with 22 Build/Buy objects and 2 CAS pieces for a total of 24 new items themed around pools and general outdoor summer fun. Most of the items are décor pieces but there are four interactive items with gameplay attached to them. All these interactive items are base game compatible. The interactive items include a bar cart, a polaroid camera, a cooler, and a gas lamp.

Image from Max 20

Our personal favourite items in this set are the wide-brimmed floppy hat, the beach umbrella and sun tent, the fountain, and the beach ball. Okay, that’s a lot of favourite items for a 24-piece set but come on, can you blame us? Everything looks amazing!

Image from Max 20

You can download the Poolside Lounge Pack for free right now on Max 20’s Patreon! Grab it by clicking the download button below!

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