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This Moonwood Garden Custom Content is a Gardener’s Dream!


Spend even more time in your Sims’ gardens with this beautiful set of garden décor!

Avid gardeners are going to love this one! The Moonwood Garden CC Collection by myshunosun adds 13 new Maxis Match objects to the game to decorate your perfect green space! It includes a flower arranging table and two new planter boxes as well!

Image Credit: myshunosun

All the objects except for the flower arranging table are base game compatible. The flower arranging table requires the Seasons expansion pack.

You can check out the previews of each object down below!

Image Credit: myshunosun

Our personal favourite new object out of the whole set is the adorable rectangular planter box which can have up to two small plants planted in it. We would love to line all our garden pathways with these cute little planter boxes and fill them with all kinds of colourful flowers!

Image Credit: myshunosun

And speaking of flowers, we’re also obsessed with the decorative sprig of wildflowers and the decorative upright planter boxes literally overflowing with bright, vibrant blooms! The stacked pots and fertilizer bags are going to look fantastic in our gardens, too, and give them that touch of realism they desperately need.

You can download the full set right now for free from myshunosun‘s Patreon! Just click the button below to be taken directly to the download page!

Please note that custom content is not supported on consoles.

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