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Give Peacemaker a Bow for The Sims 4 Bowed Living CC Set


A beautiful 32-piece rattan furniture set as well crafted as the real-life counterparts!

Rattan is a vine-like palm that is native to Asia. One of the largest sources of Rattan has historically been the Philippines. It’s popular because of its ability to be bent and curved, allowing for many different shapes and styles. Plus it’s lightweight! (Even if your Sims won’t be carrying their furniture during their next move)

Peacemaker has created and released a contemporary rattan collection called Bowed Living and we are obsessed!

This set first caught our eye because it’s a beautiful rattan set, but then we noticed it’s a whole 32 Base Game Compatible pieces! With this set, it is possible to make an entire living room including decorations. From the large Rattan furniture to the tiny table plants, there is an attention to detail that people will appreciate in their games. Plus, it’s base game compatible!

Bowed Living CC Set – Photos

Bowed Liwing CC Set – Description

Finally got around to experimenting with rattan. TS4 has small textures, so doing life-like scale just isn’t a possibility if you want to keep a Maxis-look. So I made my own using a tutorial I came across for blender, and here we are. I love how it turned out and not I finally have rattan I like, I can using it in future sets, just probably not to this extent again. It’s a lot of rattan LOL

The Build item/s feature:

  • Base Game compatibility
  • non-default
  • between 12 and 36 colour/style options
  • colour filter compatible
  • Find using the keyword “Bowed Living” using my tutorial here
  • custom thumbnails
  • The polycount of each item falls within range of Maxis-created content

Excerpt from Peacemaker’s website

This 32-piece Bowed Living set by Peacemaker is Base Game Compatible and is out for FREE!
Get it on his website now!

Will you be including a room full of Peacemaker’s Bowed Living Furniture in your next Living Room?

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