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Magical Disney Builds for The Sims 4!

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Talented builders have recreated Atlantica from Little Mermaid, a bite sized Disneyland and more! Check out the highlights

I’ve had everything Disney living rent-free in my mind 24/7 ever since I started playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. Readers who are familiar with my articles will know that I love doing crossovers between my current interests and The Sims! Right now, my current interest is Disney, so I set out to find some of the coolest Disney-themed builds on the Gallery and share them with you.

And so, our magical journey begins! Once upon a time…

Disney Belle Cottage

Magical Disney Builds for The Sims 4!

Creator: wizardofozz1988

I didn’t even need to read the title to instantly recognise this cottage as Belle’s home from Beauty and the Beast. The attention to all the little details really makes this a recognisable Disney build, from the animal pen on the side of the house to the stairs leading up to the elevated first level of the home, to the storm cellar doors at the front of the house. It’s like this fairy tale cottage leapt right out of the film and into our games!

Atlantica, Little Mermaid

Magical Disney Builds for The Sims 4!

Creator: Simoniona

While we sadly can’t actually dive into the sea to see Atlantica, this talented builder has brought Atlantica to the surface for us to admire on land! This dreamy, whimsical castle with countless turrets and schools of fish swimming around its many towers looks like a scene straight out of The Little Mermaid! It’s definitely getting me hyped for the new live-action film coming next year!

Disney Elsa’s Ice Palace

Magical Disney Builds for The Sims 4!

Creator: Rubinrot97

Let it go, let it goooooo! Okay, okay, the song is a little overplayed but we’ll never let this ice palace go! Frozen is one of my favourite Disney films and Elsa is one of my favourite Disney princesses so seeing her iconic ice palace come to life in my favourite game is all kinds of awesome! I am seriously obsessed with how this creator used glass bottles and decorative crystals to recreate Elsa’s shimmering palace of ice!

Disney – Lady’s House

Magical Disney Builds for The Sims 4!

Creator: LouCvz

Lady and the Tramp is an undeniable Disney classic and so is the traditional Victorian home Lady resided in with her human family, the Darlings. And what a darling home this is. It looks just like Lady’s home from the film and is another build that’s so well done, I didn’t even need to read the title to recognize it.

Disney Up

Magical Disney Builds for The Sims 4!

Creator: MadhatterOPA

Speaking of instantly recognisable builds, I don’t think it’s too hard for anyone to guess where this house is from. If the balloons coming out of the chimney didn’t give it away, already, this is the iconic house from Disney Pixar’s film, Up. The colours are on point and so are the unmistakable balloons and white picket fence. Adventure is everywhere in this build and we can’t wait to find it!


Magical Disney Builds for The Sims 4!

Creator: kaibellvert

Feeling like a trip to Disney but travel is a nightmare right now? Honestly, same. That’s why I’ll be taking my Sims to Disney, instead! This absolutely incredible recreation of Main Street from Disneyland California is just too stunning for words. The castle and the surrounding shops and attractions all look identical to the real thing. Are we absolutely sure that THIS isn’t the real Disneyland? I can’t tell the difference!

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