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The Sims Team drops a new Cryptic Hint


“It’s your time”

The Sims Summit is just a few days away from happening!

In case you don’t know what it is – The Sims Team is holding a special, first of it’s kind, live presentation on the future of The Sims Franchise. Alongside the rumors of The Sims 5 being announced this month, the first clue that the team dropped was the name “Project Sunrise”.

Although we don’t know what it is as of yet – The Team quickly changed the naming after it got discovered online.

Today, got updated with a new image on the main screen on the website teasing The Sims Summit.

The Sims Team drops a new Cryptic Hint

The image features an updated graphic of the plumbob with interesting elements in the background.

However, we went behind the scenes of the image to see if another “Project-Sunrise” type of clue was left. The new graphic has a name:


That’s really cryptic.

But that’s also the only new clue we have leading up to The Sims Summit.

We’ll keep you posted on The Sims Summit and the upcoming announcements right here on Sims Community. We have a handy countdown on our Home Page that’ll let you know exactly when The Sims Summit begins!

What do you think this means?

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