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Sims 4 Traits: Exploring the Loyal Trait

Sims 4 New Trait

We spent some time exploring the new Sims 4 Loyal trait in Live Mode!

The Sims 4 got a free base game update yesterday that added plenty of goodies, including a new CAS trait! The Loyal trait! We went over the trait description in our update overview but we wanted to see how the trait functions.

So we made two Sims with the Loyal trait in CAS! Then we got them together to see how they would act!

Surrounded by Friends Moodlet

New moodlets for the Loyal trait!

What did we discover? Loyal Sims will have a Happy moodlet called Surrounded by Friends when they are near Sims they are close with. If you have a Loyal Sim, it’s going to be easier to keep them in a good mood by having them spend time with the people they feel close to.

Loyal Trait: Rejecting romance socials from other Sims in The Sims 4 base game

Of course, Simmers were eager to know if this new Sims 4 base game trait actually curbed a Sim’s inclination to cheat on their partners so we tested that, too. Normally, every Sim can be swayed to cheat on their partner if they are Flirty enough or close enough friends with someone. We were happy to see that Loyal Sims are much more reluctant to cheat on their partners. Another Sim attempted to flirt with one of our Loyal Sims and she wanted no part of it. We tried again after the two Sims were good friends and our Sim was Flirty; she still rejected him because she was committed to someone else.

Does the Loyal trait stop Sims from lying? Hm.

The Sims 4 trait description says that Loyal Sims would never lie to their friends or partners which made us curious to know what the game considers a lie. We had our Loyal Sim lie about her career to her partner under the Mischief socials. Weirdly, she did so with no problem and didn’t even get a guilty moodlet from it. We’re not sure if that’s an oversight or if lying is supposed to be some other interaction.

Your Secret's Safe with Me Moodlet

Loyal Sims are very good secret keepers, however! We had a Sim share a deep secret with our Loyal Sim. He had a Confident moodlet called Your Secret’s Safe With Me. Because he is Loyal, he will never spill the tea on people he’s close to. What a cute addition to The Sims 4 traits!

Loyal Sims have new social interactions!

Sims who are Loyal also have a few special social interactions available to them with friends and romantic partners. They have the ability to Promise to Help a friend or partner who’s in a bad mood, which will very quickly soothe any negative moodlets the Sim has. They also have the option to Express Devotion to their romantic partners.

If you were wondering whether Loyal Sims will be quick to rush into marriage… not necessarily. They still require the same amount of time between a first kiss and a proposal as other Sims; however, this doesn’t mean they are any less devoted to their relationship. They are still happy to take that next step when the time is right.

The Loyal Trait does not change how fast a Sim will accept a proposal in The Sims 4 base game

Understandably, the Loyal trait in The Sims 4 conflicts with the Non-Committal trait, so a Sim cannot have both of these traits at the same time. It also means that a Loyal Sim and a Non-Committal Sim are a bad combo.

Loyal Sims will choose to be more affectionate with their partners with free will on, too.

Sims with the base game Loyal Trait are more affectionate

Is there anything you want to add about Loyal Sims? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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