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Behind The Scenes of The Sims Summit


Take a sneak peek at the big show that The Sims is preparing!

Behind The Sims Summit Livestream is happening in less than 24 hours, and select creators (and hosts) have shared the sneak peek at what’s to come!

Creators across the world are revealing their guest appearances and segments that they have at The Sims Summit. To everybody’s surprise – EA really stepped up with the livestream. Backup dancers, street interviews and professional hosts are just a few things that we should expect.

Here’s all the previews we have of the upcoming event. We’ll keep this article updated as new previews surface – stay tuned!

Hosted by Phoebe Robinson

Phoebe Robinson announced that she’ll be hosting Behind The Sims Summit with a video. There’s also a sneak peek at where they’ve filmed the show!

There are dancers.

The Sims 4 Get Together announcement at Gamescom 2015 now won’t be the only Sims show who turned a Press Conference into a Party.

Dance group Nextkidz shared their dance segment at the upcoming Sims Summit, with a new preview of the show:

Interviews at the Venice Beach

Kelsey Impicciche filmed an interview at the Venice Beach as a part of The Sims Summit Show. Check out the behind the scenes look!

What are your thoughts the new Behind The Scenes looks? Let us know below!

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