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FLASH GIVEAWAY: Win a Sims 4 Game Pack of your choice!


Celebrate The Sims 4 going FREE and win 1 out of 5 Game Packs!

This week has been very busy for Sims Community, but the party doesn’t stop! We are celebrating the launch of The Sims 4 Base Game all over again. This time with all the players who can now play the game.

This time around we have a Photo Giveaway. All you need is The Sims 4 Base Game (which is FREE) and a Screenshot of the Sim that you’ve created. Let’s begin with the rules!

The Sims 4 Game Pack Giveaway

We are giving away 1 out of 5 Game Packs for The Sims 4! Platform of your choice.

Since all players can enjoy The Sims 4, we want to see what Household you’ve created in Create A Sim.

FLASH GIVEAWAY: Win a Sims 4 Game Pack of your choice!

What is your favorite Household / Sim that you’ve created in The Sims 4?

You can submit the following:

  • A Photo of your Household / Sim from The Gallery
  • A Photo of your Household / Sim from Create A Sim
  • A Photo of your Household / Sim from Live Mode

There are no other rules. Simply make sure it’s one out of the 3 options that you think showcases your Household best!

Leave your photo in the comment section down below and 5 lucky people will be chosen through!

You can drop off the photo in the Comments section below!

How to submit a Photo?

It’s simple! You can upload your photo in the Conversations down below. Select the “Insert Photo” option in the conversation and choose a Household photo of your choice!

FLASH GIVEAWAY: Win a Sims 4 Game Pack of your choice!

The comments section closes down on October 22nd at 9AM PT / 6PM CET.

Five photo submissions will get picked by Expect the winners to be announced here in the Comments Section on October 23rd at 1PM Pacific Time / 10PM Central European Time.

FLASH GIVEAWAY: Win a Sims 4 Game Pack of your choice!

Please note:

  • Be respectful and follow the Sims Community House Rules linked below.
  • Photo that you submit need to follow the Giveaway Rules.
  • You need to be a member of Sims Community in order to leave a comment! Find the Sign Up option right above the Conversations section!
  • Not more than 1 comment!
  • Your comment might be saved for manual approval. Don’t worry, we will manually approve your comment in a few hours in case you’re waiting!
  • Make sure you leave your correct information when registering to Sims Community through OpenWeb. Your correct e-mail is needed so we can contact you with the inquiry about your preferred platform for the pack of your choice!
  • Do not share your personal email and data in the conversation!

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