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The Sims 5: Community Reactions


What are your thoughts on Project Rene?

There is no denying that the biggest announcement to come out of the Behind The Sims Summit livestream was the reveal of the next generation of The Sims game from Lyndsay Pearson. Codenamed Project Rene, players got an incredibly early first look at the upcoming game. Naturally, the community have named it The Sims 5 in the meantime,

The Sims 4 was first revealed to the world in August 2013 followed by an initial release on PC in September 2014. It has been eight years since the games release and to date. The Sims 4 is currently the longest running The Sims game that shows no signs of slowing down just yet. However, what is interesting is that this is the first time that Maxis and EA have revealed a new The Sims game. This early on in development!

While it is still early days in the development for The Sims 5, players had mixed reactions to what they saw. Even though we know that a lot can and will probably change between our first look and the final release.

As yet, there is no hint as to when The Sims 5 could release. Although we know it will be some time yet. In the meantime, though, The Sims Team will be sharing periodic updates. Showcasing the progress of the game’s development.

The Sims 5: Community Reactions

There is no denying that the reveal caused a lot of excitement across not only The Sims community, but also the gaming world in general. The reveal of The Sims 5, has set the community alive with a mixture of thoughts and feelings.

As well as the reactions to the announcement of The Sims 5, players have also had a number of questions. The Sims Team has already addressed some of these and shared answers to many of the questions in the form of a handy frequently asked questions segment.

Community Reactions

Let’s take a closer look at what members of the community had to say about The Sims 5 announcement!

A number of YouTubers uploaded videos to share their reactions to the news! With a variety of reactions, here are a couple of our favourites!

Risshella‘s The Sims 5 Reaction

The Sims 5 Reaction from SpringSims

Plumbella‘s Reaction to The Sims 5

As well as a number of reactions from players on YouTube, many members of the community took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Of course, it is natural to feel a variety of emotions right now. Players have wanted information about the next instalment of The Sims franchise for some time now. Over the past twelve months we have seen a number of hints pointing in the direction that development is underway, and that has now been well and truly confirmed.

Simmers were not afraid to share their honest reactions from the announcement. While there was a lot of promise and exciting features shown, some players showed concern with the reveal.

While there are a number of positives, knowing that The Sims 5 is happening, there are some negatives. However, this comes more from the snapshot of the early development content we’ve seen so far. Additionally, the only other information that we have is that it’s happening.

Needless to say, despite the mixed reactions, the community seem to be happy with the transparency of The Sims team.

Player Concerns

Many players are hopeful that we will see some much loved features be available at launch when The Sims 5 releases, unlike some that were missing when The Sims 4 launched. The return of the highly requested colour wheel as well as custom pattern and swatch design are two more features players will be looking forward to.

There were also some concerns with the content shown was similar to another upcoming live simulation game. Of course, what we saw was incredibly early development content and a lot can change between now and the final release of The Sims 5. Additionally, the topic of the game having multiplayer features was another big concern, although we do know this is likely to be optional based on the player.

The SIms 5 / Project Rene - Design Tools

It has to be said that the reveal of Project Rene aka The Sims 5 was the highlight for many players during the Behind The Sims Summit Event.

Let us know your thoughts and feelings about the announcement below in the comments!

We’ll be keeping you up to date with all the latest The Sims 5 news right here on Sims Community.

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