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Making an IKEA-Inspired Wicker Table in The Sims 4


Create Table Clutter of your liking with these Sims 4 Cheats and Tricks!

Have you seen this gorgeous basket in debug? It actually came in different colors with Jungle Adventure game pack!

Every builder who knows where to find it has probably used it in their build BUT not in the way that we’re going to show you. Instead, we’ll make this rattan side table from IKEA out of this woven debug basket!

Sims 4 Wicker Table Example

Before starting, ‘bb.moveobjects’ on must be enabled.

To access this basket, open the cheat bar first with Ctrl+Shift+C. Then enter these two cheats one by one: ‘bb.showhiddenobjects’ and ‘bb.showliveeditobjects’. Hit Ctrl+Shift+C again to close the cheat bar.

bb.showhiddenobjects cheat in The Sims 4

In the search box, type in ‘**DEBUG**’ and scroll through the entire debug menu until you find this basket that comes in 10 different styles.

Traditional Harvest Basket from Sims 4 Jungle Adventure

Pick any color you want! Just place 2 of them in one spot and size them up by pressing the ‘]’ key.

Basket Placement

The easiest way to put it all together is by using this end table from High School Years. Match its swatch to the basket you chose.

Tiered Bedside Table from Sims 4 High School Years

Let the first basket snap on the top table slot. Then grab the other basket and elevate it two times.

Wicker Placement

Alternative ways

#1 If you don’t own High School Years, you can use the pole from My Wedding Stories. First, elevate a basket one time with Ctrl+9. Then elevate the other basket 5 times.

Wicker Placement in Sims 4 - Screen #2

Size down the pole to its smallest size by hitting the ‘[’ key 3 times. Align 4 of these sized-down poles around the baskets to serve as table legs. You can hold down ‘Alt’ to move them around precisely and closer to the baskets.

Strong Post Item for Table Hack

#2 Or if you just have Base game and Jungle Adventure, don’t worry! You can do the same trick with these Base game debug poles.

Wicker Table Examples

And that’s it! A wicker side table that looks like your very own hand-crafted Pinterest project. Very chic and bohemian!

Try experimenting with other colors for different styles!

You can also watch this quick video for your guide:

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I'm Maia and I'm a Filipino student who makes builds and build tips in The Sims 4! I create a variety of design and architectural styles from my interests like Studio Ghibli and builds from my country.

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