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Sims 4 Functional CC: Base Game Compatible


Sims 4 Functional Objects add both gameplay and new objects into the game!

The Sims 4 has been out since 2014 and although new packs have been released, there are still objects and gameplay that we’d love to see. For those that use CC and Mods, there is a huge selection of objects that both look great in a build, but also add new gameplay elements. These are what we refer to as Sims 4 Functional Objects.

Here are some of our favorite Sims 4 Functional Objects!

Food Sims 4 Functional Objects

Pizza Vending Machine by ATS4

Sims 4 Functional Object - Pizza Vending Machine by Around the Sims 4
From Around the Sims 4’s Website

It is not always convenient to order pizza. Your Sims are in luck! Sandy created a Pizza Vending Machine for this occasion! The Vending Machine comes in 4 variations and there are 5 pizza types also available to download. For any pizza loving Sim, this Sims 4 Functional Object is a dream come true!

Sims 4 Functional CC: Base Game Compatible

Download this Pizza Vending Machine by Around the Sims 4 for FREE on their website!

Don’t forget to also check out Around the Sims 4’s other functional items!

Air Fryer Appliance by Icemunmun

Sims 4 Functional Object - Air Fryer by Icemunmun

For many recipes, even the thought of making them any other way than in a fryer ruins the end result. So without a doubt, Icemunmun’s Air Fryer is an essential in any Sim’s kitchen! With 13 new recipes specifically for the Air Fryer, it is the right time to add this Sims 4 Functional Object to your Mods Folder.

Sims 4 Functional CC: Base Game Compatible

Thirteen new recipes and a new kitchen object? Count us in!
Download Icemunmun’s Air Fryer on her website!

For more great food mods, check out Icemunmun’s custom harvestables and canning station.

Mr. Squishee Slurpee Machine by SrslySims

Sims 4 Functional Object - Mr. Squishee Slurpee Machine by SrslySims

It is no surprise that it would be SrslySims to bring us such an iconic food Sims 4 functional object! The Simpson’s is one of SrslySims’ favorite shows and she did an amazing job bringing the Slurpee Machine to life! Although there are other flavors available when packs are installed, there are plenty of Slurpees and Squishees flavors for Base Game!

There are 28 flavors that cost $10 with a moodlet that lasts for 8 hours!

Important note: Make sure to remove the files for any packs that aren’t installed.

Sims 4 Functional CC: Base Game Compatible

Ready for the nostalgia of SrslySim’s Mr. Squisheen Slurpee Machine!
Download on her Patreon for FREE!

Make sure to also check out SrslySims’ PlantSim Lives Mod!

Toaster Mod by Around The Sims 4

Sims 4 Functional Object - Toaster Mod by Around the Sims 4

More small appliances? Yes, please! If you thought a toaster was only for toast, you were wrong! Although this is the case for many families, this toaster will allow your Sims to prepare nine different food options in the fridge! This sure is a handy Sims 4 functional object!

Sims 4 Functional CC: Base Game Compatible

You can download the Poolside Lounge Pack for free right now on Max 20’s Patreon! Grab it by clicking the download button below!

Functional Cake Stand by Menaceman44

Sims 4 Functional Objects - Functional Cake Stand by Menaceman44

There are so many great looking cakes in the game, but we have no way to display them before the party starts! Before this cake stand was released by Menaceman44, that is! Now our Sim parties have gone from planning the night before to party planner levels!

Important Note: There are two versions, one that is BGC and another that is for those that own GTW. Make sure to install the correct one!

Sims 4 Functional CC: Base Game Compatible

Decorating a cake is artwork! Your Sim can now display their cake art to the world with a fancy new Functional Cake Stand! You can download this and many other great creations on Menaceman44’s ModTheSims page!

The Juice-o-Matic (Functional Juicer) by SrslySims

Sims 4 Functional Objects - The Juice-o-Matic (Functional Juicer) by SrslySims

Originally included as part of Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul, the Juice-O-Matic is now a standalone mod! There are 22 juices in total (including juices that require packs, but there are juices for base game only).

Important Notes:

  • If you have SCCO installed, you will be able to get all of these juices from the fridge as part of the quick meals. If you do not have it installed, the juices will only be available from the juicer.
  • Also, make sure to remove all files for any packs that are not currently installed.
Sims 4 Functional CC: Base Game Compatible

Does your Sim need some fresh juice? Head over to SrslySim’s Patreon to download the Juice-O-Matic!

Children’s Toys: Sims 4 Functional CC

Little Chef’s Toy Kitchen by Ravasheen & PandaSama

Sims 4 Functional Object - Little Chef's Toy Kitchen by PandaSama and Ravasheen

In previous Sims games, younger than teen Sims could practice on a toy kitchen. Unfortunately, the Sims 3 did not include this functional object. Luckily, thanks to Ravasheen and PandaSama, a Sims 4 functional object for both children and toddlers is now available that allows them to build skills and create custom objects!

Skills Improved:

  • Toddlers: Movement
  • Children: Motor, Creativity

And best of all? The children and toddlers wear a hat while playing!

Sims 4 Functional CC: Base Game Compatible

It’s never too young to get ready for Culinary School!
Download Little Chef’s Toy Kitchen today on Ravasheen’s website!

Also check out PandaSama’s Realistic Childbirth Mod

Hopscotch by Mercuryfoam

Sims 4 Functional Objects - Hopscotch by Mecuryfoam

There really did need to be more children’s activities in the game and now because of this Sims 4 functional object, kids can play now play hopscotch alone or with friends. Playing hopscotch increases skills and lifestyles, specifically the motor skill. In addition, it increases the outdoorsy and active lifestyles. There are three interactions to choose from including both solo and group interactions. In the end, your child Sim will have a blast! 

Sims 4 Functional CC: Base Game Compatible

Don’t step on the stone! Play hopscotch alone and with your friends with the Hopscotch Mod by Mercuryfoam!

Home Decor: Sims 4 Functional CC

Modern Family Portrait by Ravasheen

Sims 4 Functional Object - Family Photo by Ravasheen

Choose the background, the frame color, and frame style! Ravasheen’s take on The Sims 4 Family Portrait includes a decorating friendly sized portrait with a modern theme. Even freeze photos or update them to preserve memories or even update them.

Sims 4 Functional CC: Base Game Compatible

An enhanced version of the Base Game Picture Frames, but with more options!
Download Ravasheen’s Modern Family Portrait on her website for FREE!

We also recommend checking out some of Ravasheen’s other mods!

Teskwa Songs by Syboulette

Teskwa songs New preview Individual 1

A functional record player for all your music-loving Sims! This Sims 4 functional object even has it’s own custom radio station with 5 Christmas songs rewritten and sung in Simlish! And if matching the game is a concern of yours, the writing is even written in Simlish!

Sims 4 Functional CC: Base Game Compatible

Need some new holiday tunes on a sleek new record player? Syboulette has the perfect solution! Download Teskwa Songs from Syboulette’s website for FREE!

Household Maintenance: Sims 4 Functional CC

Functional Radiators by ChippedSim

Sims 4 Functional Objects - Functional Radiators by ChippedSim

Although some of the functionality of these radiators requires packs, there are some of them that only require the Base Game! These Sims 4 Functional Objects have interactions, moodlets, require power and running water, and if you do have Eco Lifestyle (not required), they affect the eco footprint!

These would look great in an older house build, too!

Sims 4 Functional CC: Base Game Compatible

Make sure to pick up this set of radiators from ChippedSim! Pick them up for FREE!

Do you plan on adding new Functional Objects and Gameplay to your Sims 4 game?

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