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Grab the Dale Dining CC Set for The Sims 4!


The free new CC Set from Myshunosun for The Sims 4 will make your Dining Room a hotspot for extravagant parties!

Tired of the same old Dining Room objects in The Sims 4? Not to worry, because myshunosun is back with another Free CC Set!

Their latest free Custom Content set of objects comes with 10 new items. All with original color swatches and variants that will match beautifully with any Dining Room combo that you might think of!

Check out what the creator has to say about this Set:

Gale Dining Sims 4 CC Set by Myshunosun

Sims 4 Gale Dining CC Set by myshunosun

Gale Dining includes 10 contemporary dining room items. The set was inspired by some texture motifs from the High School Years pack, so I really wanted to incorporate the polished metal textures in these objects.

Here’s what you get:

  • Dining table, 12 swatches, 700§
  • Dining chair, 20 swatches, 200§
  • Cart, 18 swatches, 100§
  • Tableware set, 9 swatches, 80§
  • Stack of plates, 12 swatches, 80§
  • Glass vase, 8 swatches, 100§
  • Vase, 10 swatches, 50§
  • Wine bottle, 4 swatches, 50§
  • Wine glass, 3 swatches, 20§
  • Rug, 8 swatches, 150§
Dale Dining Items Overview

Gale Dining CC Set Overview

Of course that we had to try this CC Set for ourselves and see how well the objects look like in the game.

The Goths’ Family Home definitely felt like it needed a makeover. Well, their Dining Room at least.

The Goths Dining Room

Placing down the new items from myshunosun felt really easy. The Dining Table had so many slots available for placing down objects. From decorative set pieces like the new Glass vase to the new Tableware (also decorative). The Tableware also has a footprint-free version which will open up more slots for placing down additional objects on the Dining table.

Gale Dining Room Items in The Sims 4

Oh, and the new cart is an excellent addition to bring more realism for your luxurious dining. One thing I really liked about this set is that you can add multiple stacks of plates. Which are also new with this set!

Stackable Plates in Dale Dining

The Dale Dining Room CC Set for The Sims 4 is available for download right now! You can install it by extracting the contents / pasting the .package file to Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. Make sure you enable Mods / CC in your game options!


You can download the Dale Dining Custom Content set for free right now on myshunosun’s Patreon! Grab it by clicking the download button below!

Looking for more content from Myshunosun? We have more overviews on our website! You can also find Myshunosun on their Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop for more CC Set developments.

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