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The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches Mod Walkthrough

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This mod is so detailed, it’s basically a free expansion pack!

The Sims 4 has a lot of occults now, but one occult it’s still lacking after all these years is fairies. A lot of Simmers might also argue that spellcasters could have more depth to them than they currently do. If you share these sentiments and are interested in new Sims 4 fantasy mods, SpinningPlumbobs‘ Fairies vs. Witches Mod is just what you’re looking for! We’re going to walk you through this huge mod with two new occult Sims, over 100 new animations, new objects, skills, and more!

Becoming a Fairy

The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches: Befriending a Sprite
Befriending a sprite

To become a fairy, you must find the Sylvan Glade. Access it the same way as before through the tree in Willow Creek, or purchase the fairy statue that comes with this mod in Build/Buy. Place a rose, a dahlia, or a sapphire on the fairy statue to open the ability to travel to the Sylvan Glade.

When you arrive, you will see the area is now populated by fairies. Find the Ethereal Guardian, greet them, and ask them how to become a fairy. The Guardian will instruct you to look for sprites in the area. Click anywhere on the ground to look for sprites. It can take a few tries before it is successful. Once you’ve located a sprite, interact with it until it trusts you enough to allow you to make a wish.

The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches: Becoming a fairy
Becoming a fairy

Wish to become a fairy and the sprite will transform your Sim into a fairy! To ensure your Sim has their wings when they transform, go into CAS and select any of the items labeled WING SKINS in the earrings category. This will allow the wings to show up in Live Mode.

Fairy Customization

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Customize your fairies

Fairies are extremely customizable! Click on the Fairy Form category on your fairy to toggle different options:

  • Auto Wings: Turn this off if you want to apply your own custom wings in CAS or if you just don’t want your fairy to have wings.
  • Use Fanciful Fairy Wings: Have fancier wings with this setting. Make sure you select one of the Fanciful Wing Skins in CAS for this option to work properly.
  • Hovering: Turn this off if you want your fairy to walk instead of float.
  • Fairy Form Effects: Turn this off if you don’t want your fairies to sparkle and shimmer
  • Use Magical Outfit: This option essentially enables “magical girl” transformations. Choose an outfit for when your fairy is channeling their fairy magic versus when they have it repressed. Using this along with the Repress/Channel Fairy Magic options under the Fairy Magic category will let you choose whether you want your fairy to have a magical form they transform into when channeling magic or whether you want them to look magical/human all the time.

Becoming a Witch

The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches: Meditating at the altar
Meditating at the altar

To become a witch, purchase the witch altar that comes with this mod in Build/Buy. Examine it and then spend some time meditating at the altar until an Ancestral Witch is summoned. Ask the Ancestral Witch about becoming a witch and they will tell you to travel to the Sylvan Glade to capture one of the sprites there.

Go there and hunt for sprites until you find one. When you do, capture it and return to where you summoned the Ancestral Witch. Trade the sprite in for witch powers and the Ancestral Witch will turn you into a witch!

The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches: Trading a sprite for witch powers
Trading a sprite for witch powers

Witches are different from spellcasters! They have been shunned by spellcasters for pursuing dark and unstable forms of magic so they exist on the fringe of spellcaster society, practicing witchcraft that spellcasters deem too unpredictable to meddle with.

Fairy Forms and Witch Ranks

Like almost all other occult Sims, fairies and witches have ranks they progress through. Rising in rank unlocks the ability to learn new powers and spells. There are five Fairy Forms and Witch Ranks and these ranks are also represented in the skill panel in The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches mod.

Fairy Forms

  • Pixie
  • Nymph
  • Mythic
  • Enchanted Fae
  • Ethereal Guardian

Witch Ranks

  • Practitioner
  • Charmer
  • Spellbinder
  • Master Caster
  • Supreme Witch

Fairy and Witch Experience

The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches: Fairy Experience Orb
Fairy Experience Orb

Just as spellcasters have a magical charge that makes their spells more powerful, fairies and witches have their own version of this ability in The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches mod. Luckily, there’s no danger of dying from spellcaster overload for fairies and witches.

As your fairies and witches use their magic, they’ll build up experience. They can only learn spells or take on new abilities if they have enough experience built up. When the experience orb is full, they can consume the orb to gain a large boost to their rank. This is the fastest way to level up your fairies and witches.

Once the experience has been used up on rank boosts or learning spells/abilities, the orb will empty again and your fairy or witch must spend more time using their magic to build up that power again. We love it when Sims 4 fantasy mods implement elements like these from packs. It’s both familiar and new and refreshing at the same time.

Fairy and Witch Spellbooks

The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches: Studying fairy magic
Studying fairy magic

Both fairies and witches have their own spellbooks in The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches mod. Witches can conjure a spellbook by placing two amethyst crystals on either side of their altar. Fairies can obtain a spellbook from the Ethereal Guardian in the Sylvan Glade after befriending them. If you don’t wish to bother with any of that, you can also purchase them in Build/Buy.

Fairy spellbooks have three tabs: Fairy Forms, Magical Abilities, and Spells. Fairy Forms are the ranks your fairy has attained. Magical Abilities are innate abilities they possess that can be acquired from the fairy statue. Spells are magical spells that your fairy knows.

Witch spellbooks have four tabs: Witch Rank, Powers, Witchcraft, and Altar. Witch Ranks are the ranks your witch has attained. Powers are innate abilities they possess that can be acquired from the altar. Altar is a list of altar combinations your witch has discovered.

Witchcraft and Spells

Witchcraft and Fairy Magic are two new skills that come with The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches mod. Fairies learn Fairy Magic and witches learn Witchcraft. Even though they are two separate skills, the spells that can be learned are the same. Build these skills to unlock all the spells but remember; you need enough experience as well to learn new spells. Out of all The Sims 4 fantasy mods we’ve seen, this mod has some of the most interesting and varied spell varieties.

The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches: Witchcraft Spells
Witchcraft Spells

List of Spells

  • Harmonize: Increase musical skills of yourself or someone else
  • Frost Affix: Put out fires, freeze and break objects, and cool the temperature
  • Flora Vitalis: Increase the health of plants
  • Exemplum: Duplicate an object
  • Ensorcel: Control another Sim’s actions
  • Doppelganger Conjuration: Create a clone of your Sim
  • Cryocast: Freeze another Sim
  • Aqua Mutatio: Reveal a mermaid, or turn a human Sim into a mermaid
  • Lupus Transitus: Reveal a werewolf, or turn a human Sim into a werewolf
  • Liberate: Steal others’ belongings for yourself
  • Keratin Conversion: Temporarily change your hairstyle
  • Ivy Wrap: Incapacitate Sims with thorny vines
  • Incendia: Set objects or Sims on fire
  • Impotentia Curse: Weaken a duel opponent’s magical strength
  • Herba Partum: Conjure a fully grown plant ready for harvest
  • Herba Incrementum: Increase the growth rate of plants
  • Surge: Electrocute objects and Sims
  • Somnium: Put another Sim to sleep
  • Sanguis Vitam: Reveal a vampire, or turn a human Sim into a vampire
  • Sana: Heal sick Sims by lessening the severity of their illness and alleviating symptoms
  • Refectio: Repair broken objects
  • Mystify: Daze and confuse other Sims
  • Morbus: Cause another Sim to fall ill. Repeated castings can worsen the illness until it becomes fatal
  • Medusa’s Gaze: Turn other Sims into stone just by looking at them
  • Tone Deafen: Make another Sim tone deaf
  • Cleanse: Clean dirty objects or Sims
  • Attitude Aura: Emit the emotional aura of your choice to influence the emotions of nearby Sims

Magical Abilities and Powers

Unlike spells, magical abilities and powers are more like innate abilities that your fairy or witch possesses in The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches mod. They are the lifestyle your fairy or witch lives rather than a spell that can be cast. Gain new Magical Abilities/Powers at the fairy statue for fairies or the altar for witches.

  • Level-Headed: Stay in control of your powers even in negative emotions
  • Magic Mentor: Instruct lesser fairies or witches and help them learn new spells
  • Rescind Power Source: Sever ties with your power source. Cannot be undone!
  • Source Master: Use a small amount of energy to draw on any magic source you want
  • Studious: Gain magic skill faster from your spellbook and learn new spells sooner
  • Teleport: Teleport to get around!
  • Dryad (Fairies Only): Temporarily transform into a tree to gain energy through photosynthesis
  • Fairy Dust (Fairies Only): Give others the ability to fly or give them wings!
  • Muse (Fairies Only): Influence other Sims with the power of song
  • Necromancer (Witches Only): Temporarily cross over into the afterlife, talk with the dead, and manipulate the life force of the living
  • Portal Pass (Witches Only): Gain access to the Sylvan Glade portal
  • Potion Prodigy (Witches Only): Learn new potions faster and make better quality potions
  • Ancestral Connection (Witches Only): Unlock new interactions with the Ancestral Witch

Power Sources

Power sources are what make each individual fairy and witch truly unique. Think of power sources as their specialty or the type of witch or fairy they are. Both witches and fairies can draw on the energy of the world around them to tap into their magic. A witch or fairy with a power source is going to learn Fairy Magic or Witchcraft more efficiently and will get some perks related to their power source.

2022 11 07 13 52 24 382 SunflowerSyrupGShade
A fairy practicing magic using air as her power source

When you’ve decided on what you want to draw your magic from, click on that item to begin drawing energy from it. As you do this, your experience orb will slowly fill. When the orb is full, you’ll have harnessed the power of that source! This power source is now your witch or fairy’s “element” or specialty.

Whenever your witch or fairy practices magic, they will have different animations depending on their magic source so two fairies or two witches with different power sources could look completely different while practicing magic! Your witch or fairy is going to unlock certain spells related to their power source at lower magic levels. For example, a nature witch or fairy will be able to learn spells like Herba Incrementum sooner than a witch or fairy with a different power source.

2022 11 07 18 32 28 852 SunflowerSyrupGShade
Witch practicing magic using electricity as her power source

List of Power Sources

Here are all the power sources we discovered in our playthrough of The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches mod but there may be even more so make sure to explore and click on lots of different things to see if you can turn it into a power source! We are so here for Sims 4 fantasy mods that have exploration elements to them like this!

  • Moon: Click on your Sim at night
  • Sun: Click on your Sim during the day
  • Air: Click on your Sim
  • Water: Click on any swimmable body of water
  • Fire: Click on fire
  • Nature: Click on any plant (not decorative plants; plants that your Sim can tend to)
  • Electricity: Click on any electronic
  • Technology: Click on any piece of tech (computers, tablets, TVs, etc)


2022 11 07 18 42 19 176 SunflowerSyrupGShade
A fairy practicing her flying around the fairy ring

The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches mod comes with a total of 5 new skills; two are learnable by witches only, and the other three are learnable by fairies only.

  • Fairy Form: Fairy Form is a 5 level skill and it’s essentially your rank as a fairy. Increase this skill by winning magic duels against either fairies or witches and by filling your experience orb to gain big skill boosts for this skill.
  • Fairy Magic: This is a 10 level skill for fairies and will allow your fairy to learn new spells. Build this skill by studying and practicing magic.
  • Flight: A 5 level skill for fairies. Build this skill by choosing to fly places rather than hover/walk or by doing laps around the fairy circle object. Fairies with high flight skill will be able to do impressive loops and tricks in the air and won’t crash land as often when flying places.
  • Witch Rank: This is a 5 level skill for witches and it’s essentially your rank as a witch. Increase this skill by winning magic duels against witches or fairies and by filling your experience orb to gain big skill boosts for this skill.
  • Witchcraft: A 10 level skill for witches that will allow your witch to learn new spells. Build this skill by studying and practicing magic.

Fairy and Witch Children

2022 11 07 18 56 18 854 SunflowerSyrupGShade
Witch awakening her child’s powers

Children of fairies and witches don’t have full control over their powers yet. In fact, they need their witch or fairy parent to awaken the dormant powers that lie within them. Click on your child to awaken the powers they were born with!

Once awakened, fairy and witch children will both be able to practice magic and learn magic from their parents. Children of fairies can also be taught to fly by their parents and have wings applied to them in CAS.

2022 11 07 18 50 29 601 SunflowerSyrupGShade
Fairy child doing a backflip in the air

Witch and fairy children won’t build magical skills or learn spells/abilities but the more they practice magic and flying as children, the better they’ll start out in those skills when they become teens so it’s still worth the effort of practicing young.

We always love Sims 4 fantasy mods that include our little Sims!

New Objects

There are seven new objects purchasable in Build/Buy that come with The Sims 4 Fairies vs. Witches mod.

  • Witchcraft Altar: Witches will need this to meditate, summon the Ancestral Witch, acquire new Powers, and unlock new altar offering combinations. This object is also the key to turning into a witch.
  • The Giving Fairy: Fairies will need this to acquire new Magical Abilities and to quick-travel to the Sylvan Glade. This object is also the key to turning into a fairy.
  • The Fairy Handbook: All fairies should have a copy of this handbook to keep track of their progress and study Fairy Magic.
  • The Guide to Witchcraft: All witches should have a copy of this guide to keep track of their progress and study Witchcraft.
  • Luxury Fairy Castle: A grand fairy home! Fairies can use this as a rest stop to refill needs.
  • Fairy Bungalow: A humble fairy home! Fairies can use this as a rest stop to refill needs.
  • Fairy Ring: A circle of mushrooms that fairies use to practice their flying.

New CAS Items

Here are all the new CAS items that come with the Fairies vs. Witches Mod. Please note that some of the fairy wings are different swatches of the same item; we wanted to show off all the different wing shapes available.

It’s no surprise that we highly recommend this mod. We have never been disappointed by any of SpinningPlumbobs’ creations. This modder makes some of the best Sims 4 fantasy mods we’ve ever seen. You can download the mod right now for free from SpinningPlumbobs’ Patreon!

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