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BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Save big on The Sims 4 Packs!

Sims 4 Black Friday

The Black Friday Sale for The Sims 4 Packs has begun! Check out all the offers on Packs. Including The Sims 3 Series!

EA has just started a new Black Friday Sale for The Sims Games!

The Sims 4 Packs are all on sale, with The Sims 3 series making its way into the deals round too. In this article we’ll be listing all the available deals & offers for The Sims Games. Including a list of all the available places you can get The Sims 4 Packs at a cheapest price during Black Friday!

Availability of more deals will be posted as they surface online. There are certain Black Friday Deals (Steam for example) that yet have to be announced!

Without further ado, let’s jump ahead into the deals:

The Sims 4 Packs and Bundles Sale

The Sims 4 Packs Sale

The following sales are listed across multiple official platforms. We’ll be updating the list with new official vendors for Sims Games as new Black Friday Deals surface!


  • The EA App / Origin Sale is active now and will last until December 7th, 2022.
  • The Steam Autumn Sale is active now and lasts until November 29th, 2022.

The Sims 4 Expansion Packs

All of the Expansion Packs for The Sims 4 are on sale! The deals for Expansion Packs is 50% off, excluding the latest High School Years Expansion Pack, which is 25% off.

SALE AVAILABILITY: EA App / Origin, Steam, Playstation Store, Microsoft Store

The Sims 4 Game Packs

All Game Packs are included in the sale! The deals for Sims 4 Game Packs are 30% off, while the Werewolf Game Pack is 20% off.

SALE AVAILABILITY: EA App / Origin, Steam, Microsoft Store.

The Sims 4 Stuff Packs

Stuff Packs also have a discount with the latest Black Friday season. All The Sims 4 stuff Packs are 30% off.

SALE AVAILABILITY: EA App / Origin, Steam, Microsoft Store

The Sims 4 Kits are not included in the Black Friday Deals as of now.

2022 Bundles Deals

Ever since The Sims 4 became free Maxis and EA came up with new Bundles for The Sims 4, including:

These bundles are 20% off on EA App / Origin and Microsoft Store.

Amazon Deals

The Black Friday Deals for Sims 4 games on Amazon have just been released. However, the deals are the same as listed for Expansion, Game and Stuff Packs above. Codes for Sims 4 Kits also remain the same price.

You can check out The Sims 4 Games on Amazon here!

The Sims 3 Black Friday Deals

Sims 3 Sale

The Sims 3 Packs are also on Sale!

If you play The Sims 3 on PC / Mac you can now find Black Friday Deals on EA App / Origin. The deals are now also available on Steam!

EA App / Origin and Steam – Sims 3 Sale

  • The Sims 3 Expansion Packs – 50% off
  • The Sims 3 Stuff Packs – 50% off
  • The Sims 3 Worlds (excluding Roaring Heights) – 50% off

The Sims 3 Starter Pack is currently at its full price on EA App.

Sims 3 Ultimate Collection Discount on Steam

If you’re looking to start your Sims 3 adventure on PC you can save big with The Sims 3 Collection.

This set contains all The Sims 3 Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs ever released for this game. Discounted to $66.50USD – or a price equivalent to your local currency.

You can find the deal here! For more information on how to transfer The Sims 3 codes from Steam to EA App / Origin, click here!

The Sims 3 Collection on Steam

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