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The Sims 4 Harvestfest Gnome Guide

Sims 4 Gnomes

Gnomes can’t communicate with Sims, so to appease them, we’ve written a Sims 4 Gnome Appeasement Guide.

Every Harvestfest, the friendly neighborhood garden Sims 4 Gnomes come to visit each Sim family. But what do they ask for? But only a simple gift in exchange for seeds. The problem is… they don’t tell you want they want. So how do you appease gnomes in the Sims 4?

Fear not! Now you can appease every Sims 4 Gnome during each yearly Gnome Appeasement Ceremony using this Sims 4 Gnome Guide! Save them for your garden or sell them for a profit.

There’s No Place Like Gnome – The Sims 4 Gnome Homebody

Sims 4 Gnome - There's No Place Like Gnome

Just click your heels together and say, “There’s no gift like Coffee, Fruitcake, and Future Cubes!” Or at least that’s what the “There’s No Place Like Gnome” garden gnome is doing every Harvestfest.

Happy Gnome Garden Pal – Everyone’s BFF Gnome

Sims 4 Gnome Guide - Happy Gnome Garden Pal

Everyone’s friend, the Happy Gnome Garden Pal has chosen your Sim’s house this Harvestfest. During the Gnome Appeasement Ceremony, he enjoys coffee, fruitcake, or a future cube. Unless you don’t want to be friends, then give him something else.

No Matter What, I’m Still Your Baby – Babyface Sims 4 Gnome

Sims 4 Gnome Guide - No Matter What, I'm Still Your Baby

Don’t let the name fool you, No Matter What, I’m Still Your Baby Gnome has officially become an adult Gnome and is excited to visit one lucky Sim this Harvestfest. If your Sim is that lucky Sim, make sure to offer him coffee, fruitcake, or a future cube.

The Ghastly Ghostly Gnome – The Scariest Sims 4 Gnome

The Ghastly Ghostly Gnome

The Ghost gnome, aka The Ghastly Ghostly Gnome loves Harvestfest so much that he continue to participate after his death. He asks for offerings of coffee, fruitcake, or a future cube, but it’s still up to debate how he uses any of them.

Poolside Gnome and Bare Essentials Gnome

Sims 4 Gnome Guide - Poolside Gnome and Bare Essentials Gnome

This unlikely pair were caught hanging out at their favorite pool. Don’t fret! They’re getting ready for the big day and are hoping you remember what each of them want!

Make sure to give the Poolside Gnome coffee, pie, or a toy and Bare Essentials Gnome pie, salad, or a toy!

Strictly Business Gnome – Sims 4 Gnome With Totally Legit Business

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Photo Credit: EroSims

Like any good business gnome, Strictly Business Gnome starts his day off with coffee. So it’s not surprising that he likes the gift of coffee. But what might surprise you is that he has a soft spot for pies and toys.

Happy Gnomeiversary

Sims 4 Gnomes - Happy Gnomeiversary
Pink and Purple Floor Balloons are made by Ravasheen and can be found here.

From San Myshuno to Henford on Bagley, if there is a party, the Happy Gnomeiversary Gnome will be there. This party Gnome would never miss the celebration of Harvestfest and the Gnome Appeasement Ceremony. So he’s preparing early and sending his offering list which includes coffee, future cube, or a toy.

Guardian of the Gnomelaxy

Guardian of the Gnomelaxy

Coming straight from his trip to Sixam, the Guardian of the Gnomelaxy Gnome is tired and in need of coffee. But, this alien gnome would also settle for a Future Cube or just a toy to destress with.

Mr. Floppy the Gnome

Sims 4 Gnome Guide - Mr. Floppy the Gnome

Mr. Floppy the Gnome always feels a tad bit out of place on Harvestfest, but in true Sim fashion, this Gnome is included and accepted no matter their holiday origin. Want to know a secret? This Gnome really appreciates pie, salad, or a toy during the Gnome Appeasement Ceremony.

Don’t Fear the Reagnomper

Sims 4 Gnomes - Don’t Fear the Reagnomper

Some Gnomes were concerned when Don’t Fear the Reagnomper started dressing like the Grim Reaper, but now that they’ve met the real Grim, they realize that they’re quite harmless. And a great dancer, too!

Don’t Fear the Reagnomper is hoping someone will give them a pie, a healthy salad, or a toy.

Herb the Posy Protector

Herb the Posy Protector

Herb the Posy Protector spends all year protecting posies so we’re lucky he’s taken time out of his schedule to participate in the Harvestfest’s Gnome Appeasement Ceremony. Maybe if we give him a pie, salad, or toy, he’ll stay a while and tend to our posies.

The Gnome Wolf

Sims 4 Gnomes - The Lone Wolf

Living alone for a while, the Gnome Wolf is accustom to solitude. But every Harvestfest, he crawls out of his cave and visits one lucky Sim. So to repay him, make sure to give him a pie, salad, or a toy!

The Sweetest Little Gnome

The Sweetest Little Gnome

The Sweetest Little Gnome missed last Harvestfest due to the rescheduling of a Camping Trip. Although, Harvestfest is important, nothing is more important than roasting S’mores over a campfire to The Sweetest Little Gnome. But don’t be concerned, this Gnome won’t miss two Harvestfests in a row! So prepare your offering of pie, salad, or a toy early in anticipation.

Sims 4 Gnomes That Don’t Celebrate Harvestfest

There are a few gnomes that like to hang out at home, put up their feet, and watch a few episodes of the newest Gnomemance Show each Harvestfest. So don’t think we’ve forgotten these important Sims 4 Gnomes!

  • “Onward” The Adventurous Gnome
  • Bearly Gnome
  • Upside Down Gnome Decor
  • High-Rider Gnome
  • Gnome Simmi
  • Golden Gnome Simmi

Now that you know how to appease Gnomes thanks to our Sims 4 Gnome Guide, check out our other Gnome-related articles!

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Does your Sim kick, ignore, or appease the Harvestfest Gnomes each year?

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