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This Mod Brings Newspapers Back to The Sims 4!


Subscribe to The Sims Daily newspaper with this handy mod!

The Sims 4 has embraced the modern world in many ways, doing away with outdated technologies like landline telephones and newspaper deliveries. Many players miss these old-fashioned things from days gone by. Some wish for more old-timey things for their elders who are stuck in the past. Others just don’t want their Sims to be so reliant on cell phones and Wi-Fi, especially when playing Rags to Riches challenges or historical challenges. Well, Ravasheen has given these players what they want! Her Sims Daily newspaper mod for The Sims 4 will allow your Sims to read the paper again!

The Sims 4 newspaper mod is base game compatible but more options will be available to players depending on what packs they have installed.

The Sims 4 Newspaper Mod: How to Subscribe

Sims 4 Newspaper Mod: News Stand

It’s easy to subscribe to The Sims Daily with this Sims 4 newspaper mod. In Build/Buy, search for an object called New News Stand and place it on any lot. You can search for the item by name or just type RVSN in the search bar; searching for RVSN will bring up all of Ravasheen’s content that you have installed.

Sims 4 Newspaper Mod: Subscribe

Once placed, click on the news stand in Live Mode. Purchase that day’s copy of the newspaper for $2 or sign up for a subscription for $1 a day. If you’re short on simoleons and want to read the paper every day, it’s better to subscribe at the discounted rate. Not only is it cheaper to subscribe, but it’s more convenient, too. Sims Daily subscribers get a copy of the paper in the mail every day at around 9am. No need to remember to swing by the news stand to grab that day’s paper; this Sims 4 newspaper mod delivers right to you every day!

Sims 4 Newspaper Mod: Trait

Sims Daily subscribers will get a trait to show that they are currently subscribed to the Sims 4 newspaper. You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking on your mailbox or on a news stand.

Sims 4 Newspaper Mod: Notification

Each newspaper is only good for one day. It expires the following day. You know your Sims 4 newspaper is old when it turns brown in colour. You can have up to 5 newspapers on your lot. After that, the newspaper will not be delivered until you clean up some of the old papers.

Newspaper Features

Newspaper Features

The Sims Daily has lots of useful features Sims can take advantage of. Many options that were only available on the cell phone or computer are now available through the newspaper. This makes the paper a great tool for Rags to Riches, Off-The-Grid, and Decades playthroughs!

Newspaper Options

Here’s the full list of what’s possible with The Sims Daily newspaper!

  • Find odd jobs/gigs
  • Post missing pet alerts
  • Read festival info – Gives info on the next upcoming festival
  • Clip coupons and get discounts
  • Read daily news, affirmations, and jokes – Provides Sims with Confident, Playful, and Focused moodlets!
  • Check Recent Neighbourhood Stories
  • Check Neighbourhood Action Plans
  • Enact Neighbourhood Action Plans
  • Repeal Neighbourhood Action Plans

Using The Sims 4 newspaper grants your Sims influence points and both the news stand and newspaper are functional off the grid!

Our Thoughts on The Sims 4 Newspaper Mod

We’re always impressed with Ravasheen’s work and her newspaper mod for The Sims 4 is no exception! She’s always thinking of ways to make the game easier and more intuitive for players to enjoy and she never disappoints; many of her mods pay special attention to the needs of off-the-grid and history players which is something the community needs more content for.

We love this blast from the past and found having a daily newspaper delivery so handy! We were able to do so many things with just one object and we didn’t have to click through a maze of phone apps to find them. Having the newspaper expire the next day and not getting deliveries if there are too many newspapers on the lot is a very nostalgic thing from past Sims games.

Something we would love to see added to this mod in the future is notifications with funny news clips, affirmations, and jokes in addition to the nice moodlets our Sims get. I totally volunteer to write some corny jokes for you, Ravasheen!

The Sims Daily News Stand and Newspaper is currently in early access for Ravasheen’s patrons. It goes public on December 17th, 2022. Click the button below to be taken to the download page!

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