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Celebrate 12 Days of Winterfest with 12 Holiday CC Sets!


Twelve holly jolly holiday CC sets to celebrate twelve days of Winterfest!

It’s officially December which means the holiday season has begun! Simmers will no doubt be in need of some festive holiday CC to brighten up their Sims’ wardrobes and homes so we’ve compiled a list of twelve holly jolly pieces of Christmas CC for The Sims 4!

At the time of publication, we can confirm that all downloads and all their required meshes have working links. So grab a cup of hot cocoa, get in your festive PJs, and spend some time browsing through our compilation of holiday CC without any hassle!

The Sims 4 Christmas CC Collection

Christmas Earrings

Winterfest Earrings
Image Credit: Soft Pine

Creator: Soft Pine

I am totally that person who shows up to Christmas dinner every year with some festive earrings so I’m obviously in love with these Sims 4 Christmas CC earrings! Where can I get a pair of each in real life? Asking for me, of course.

Holly Jolly Pyjamas

Sims 4 Christmas CC Holly Jolly PJs
Image Credit: hula-zombie

Creator: hula-zombie

These adorable PJs for adults, kids, and toddlers come in a variety of festive recolours. This download requires the meshes to show up, so make sure to read the download page carefully and download the linked meshes, too!

Sims 4 Christmas CC Dress Recolours

Peony Dress Xmas Recolours
Image Credit: Pixelette

Creator: Pixelette

This set of 14 beautiful recolours is sure to make your Sim stand out this holiday season! Since these are recolours, don’t forget to download the mesh linked on the download page, too! You need it for these recolours to show up!

Up to Snow Good Functional Stocking

Sims 4 Christmas CC Functional Stockings
Image Credit: Ravasheen

Creator: Ravasheen

These Sims 4 Christmas CC stockings are not only beautiful, but functional, too! Hang them up and watch your Sims collect a present from them on Winterfest morning! But beware; naughty Sims might get a lump of coal instead!

Christmas Wallpaper Collection

Holiday Wallpaper Collection
Image Credit: SimPlistic

Creator: SimPlistic

These gorgeous patterned wallpapers in red, green, and gold will make any home feel like it’s Winterfest all year long! The right wallpaper to go along with your holiday décor can really take your Winterfest decorating to the next level!

Winter Wonders Sims 4 Christmas CC

Sims 4 Christmas CC CAS Recolours
Image Credit: aliennooboo

Creator: aliennooboo

Some more delightful recolours in a whopping 63 festive patterns to dress up your Sims! Everything in this set looks so bright and cozy, we love it! Remember to download any required meshes linked in the download page, too!

Winter Wonderland Festive Décor

Holiday Decorations
Image Credit: Ravasheen

Creator: Ravasheen

A second delightful holiday set from delightful creator, Ravasheen! This heartwarming collection of holiday décor includes bell and pinecone garlands, candy canes, festive stars, decorative throw pillows, and a wooden tree display that can display any corkboard-compatible items like postcards and kids drawings.

Winter Gifts Separated Presents

Sims 4 Christmas CC Separated Presents
Image Credit: dew of the sea

Creator: dew of the sea

We love to see more gift variety in The Sims 4 and this creator delivered! This huge set of separated presents come in all shapes and sizes in a dizzying amount of colours. They are stackable and also come with optional separated ribbons! Wow!

Gingerbread Set

Gingerbread House
Image Credit: max20

Creator: max20

One of my favourite holiday traditions is decorating a gingerbread house with my family, so this adorable little gingerbread house made me smile! I love the little gingerbread family that goes with it. This will make a perfect holiday centrepiece in your Sims’ homes!

Welcome Mats Sims 4 Christmas CC

Sims 4 Christmas CC Welcome Mats
Image Credit: incandescentsims

Creator: incandescentsims

Welcome friends and family into your Sim’s home for the holidays with these cheerful welcome mats! These mats have a variety of fun holiday greetings in Simlish and includes swatches to celebrate Hanukkah nd Kwanzaa, too!

Winter Wishes Cards

Holiday Cards
Image Credit: dew of the sea

Creator: dew of the sea

For many people, writing and sending out holiday cards is an important part of the season. It’s also a lot of fun to use the cards you received as holiday decorations so why not add more cards to The Sims? This large collection comes in both standing and décor varieties!

The Ultimate Christmas CC Collection

Sims 4 Christmas CC Pets
Image Credit: TheKalino

Creator: TheKalino

We saved the largest Sims 4 Christmas CC collection for last and pet lovers are going to love this one! This huge collection of items focuses primarily on pets and includes festive pet toys, beds, and clothes for our furry four legged friends! There are also some fantastic builds and décor in the set.

Want more holiday-themed content? Try playing with our Steampunk Winterfest Story Starter Kit!

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