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Today’s Behind The Sims livestream was short but packed with lots of information regarding Project Rene, the upcoming infants update, new Sims Mobile and Freeplay content, and even a small teaser for an upcoming Sims 4 expansion pack!

With so much information being thrown at us in such a short amount of time, it’s easy to miss some important details. But don’t worry! We’ve condensed the entire livestream into a handy point-form list separated by category! If you didn’t catch something during the stream, or if you don’t have time to sit and watch it, here’s everything you need to know!

Project Rene

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  • Early days playtesting for small groups of Simmers
  • Project Rene is still years away
  • Being developed hand-in-hand with players to create a seamless, intuitive experience
  • Improvements to Build/Buy. Change colours, materials, patterns, parts, size, etc. of furnishings. All of this can be uploaded and shared with other players.
  • Project Rene will be cross platform between PC and mobile.
  • Huge challenge to remove the barriers to play for The Sims but exciting. Deep dive PC experience, then a different experience on mobile. For example: create a build on PC and then select colours and templates on the go on your phone.
  • Grant Rodiek gave an example of being a father to a toddler and describes playing on his PC at home while his son naps. Then when he wakes up, he can take his phone with him to the park and continue where he left off.
  • Cross platform pay between PC and mobile is very difficult and something that still needs a lot of work but they are moving forward with it.
  • Project Rene will NOT be an MMO. It will have the traditional single player experience players know and love but will also have an optional multiplayer aspect to play with your friends.
  • Currently analyzing their recent playtest to see where things can be improved. The mobile experience needs to be more accessible and a lot of tools need to be smoothed out.
  • Players can expect regular progress updates on Project Rene as time goes on and there will be more information on how to become a playtester for Project Rene in the future.


  • Infants are coming to The Sims 4 in a FREE BASE GAME UPDATE on March 14th, 2023!
  • The team really aimed to surpass player expectations when it comes to babies.
  • Infants will be an entirely new life stage between babies and toddlers.
  • Infants can be held while sitting or standing, they can be breastfed, and even be handed to other Sims.
  • Infants move with uncoordinated, overexaggerated movements. They move with a singular focus as they learn to navigate their new motor skills.
  • Infants still sound cute even when crying or whining which naturally is a relief for most players.
  • Infants are fully customizable from head to toe in CAS. Customize their hair, clothes, accessories, hats, teeth, and even give them birth marks.
  • Children, toddlers, other infants, and even cats and dogs will all be able to interact with infants.
  • Lots of fun activities to do with infants and adorable, heartwarming moments.

“Meet The Family” EP

behind the sims
  • The next expansion pack was briefly teased at the end of the livestream. We see the door to a home opening. Two adult Sims, a child, and an infant wave at the camera with the heading “Meet the Family Feb 2nd”
  • Looks like we’ll have to wait for an announcement on the new EP on February 2nd!

The Sims Mobile

  • Players can celebrate the birthday of The Sims with a free disco plumbob gift
  • The 5th anniversary of The Sims Mobile will feature a new treasure hunt and also plenty of goodies for players to acquire. Also keep an eye out for anniversary rewards.
  • The upcoming Sim Festival will be a 60 day recurring event. For the 11th season, players will be getting new content inspired by Korean architecture and fashion.
  • A new NPC named Jenny who is an architect with a strong connection to her Korean roots. The house template for the festival pass is Jenny’s home and studio.
  • The house is inspired by Korean tradition with a contemporary touch.

The Sims Freeplay

behind the sims
  • New music is now available in Freeplay. Players voted on their favourite tracks from older Sims games to be added. The Sims 1 neighbourhood theme, The Sims 2 theme, The Sims 3 theme, and The Sims 4 theme are all now available in The Sims Freeplay, along with a new bonus track from The Sims Mobile.
  • Sims Springs will be expanded with a new desert area map that players can build from the ground up.
  • The new area is filled with plenty of fixer upper lots for players to update and also design to their tastes.
  • The grand prize for fixing up this new area is an amusement park full of rides for your Sims to enjoy.

Want to see the full livestream for yourself? Catch the replay here!

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