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The Sims 4: New Info on Infants and Growing Together!


Check out new previews of the infants update and new info on upcoming expansion pack!

If you just can’t wait until March to get more information on the infants update and Growing Together expansion pack, you’re in luck! The Sims official Twitter account and SimGuruNinja have been teasing players with some sneak peek footage and screenshots of upcoming content! New tweets show off content from both The Sims 4 Growing Together and infants, which are arriving in a free base game update shortly before the expansion release.

Take a look at the new information below!

Growing Together

The Sims Twitter account shared some new footage from The Sims 4 Growing Together where a child Sim loses a tooth! This was seen in the reveal trailer but what’s most interesting about this new footage is the text overlay! We suspected losing baby teeth was part of the new milestone feature but that wasn’t officially confirmed until this tweet! Now we know for sure! Losing baby teeth is a new milestone! And let’s not forget about being able to customize the baby teeth of our infants in The Sims 4!

The Sims also captioned the video with a quip about Tooth Beary vs. Molar Bear. This isn’t the first time a bear has been referenced in regards to teeth. We’re pretty sure the tooth fairy is going to be a bear in the expansion pack. Is this a hint at a faerie pack? Your guess is as good as ours.

San Sequoia Screen - Sims 4 Growing Together
San Sequoia Preview

SimGuruNinja, one of the producers on The Sims 4, also shared a screenshot of a toddler (but no infants, sadly) playing at the water park in San Sequoia! San Sequoia is the new world shipping with The Sims 4 Growing Together. This area looks like it’s an interactive part of the world but not an editable lot. Nevertheless, we’re still hyped to have more reasons to explore around our home lot. But enough about San Sequoia! Let’s talk about infants in The Sims 4!

There is a new lot type in The Sims 4 Growing Together! The rec centre will have table games, art classes, and host social events like sleepovers and baby showers! Yup, two new social events also confirmed!

A new elder-approved radio station is also confirmed! Please welcome the Soul genre to The Sims 4!

New Likes & Dislikes

Another preview from SimGuruNinja showcases the new Soul Radio Station in CAS Preferences coming with Growing Together. Included with it is also a teaser of the upcoming Likes & Dislikes cap upgrade, switching to 50 in total that you can assign to your Sim.

It’s not known yet if there are new Likes and Dislikes Categories, but we can expect to know more soon!

Likes & Dislikes – New Version Preview


The Sims 4 Infants
Source: SimGuruNinja

Naturally, we know players are very excited for infants in The Sims 4! SimGuruNinja’s new profile picture on Twitter features an infant crying and clutching his head. Look at those cute little infant curls! Look at those adorable infant teeth! We can’t wait to play with these adorable bundles of joy in March!

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