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The Sims 4 Custom Content: Country Sleek Bathroom Overview


15+ new objects coming March 5th in Country Sleek Bathroom CC Collection!

LittleDica is back with a brand-new Country Sleek Bathroom Mini Custom Content Collection!

Now, you may recognize LittleDica’s name as they have previously created Custom Content collections such as The Sims 4 Sweet Treats and the Rise & Grind Coffee House. You may also recall that they have collaborated with Deligracy on the Delicato Lounge and Delicious Kitchen collections in the also!

Country Sleek Bathroom Key Art

However, this upcoming collection focuses on rustic and farm house inspired items for your Sims Bathrooms.

There are a total of seventeen new items coming in this pack. Two of the new items featured in this pack are the new Bistro tiled floor, as well as half-and-half painted and brick wallpaper. Each item comes in a range of beautiful neutral and beige tones. Some objects also have some swatches featuring a touch of colour mixed into them.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what comes in this Sims 4 custom content collection!

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What is included with this custom content collection?

LittleDica Country Sleek Bathroom Cover Art
  • 17 items: Base Game Compatible Items in a Maxis Match style
  • Build: One Wallpaper and Floor
  • Lighting: One Wall Light and Ceiling Light
  • Plumbing: Toilet, Sink and Bath/Shower Combo
  • Surface: One Table
  • Decorative: Mirror, Plant, Toilet Roll Holder, Towel Rail, Cleaning Basket, Towel Hamper, Toilet Brush & Accessories

Image gallery of Sims 4 Country Sleek Bathroom Mini Pack

Now, the Country Sleek Bathroom Mini Pack also works wonderfully alongside the recently released Bathroom Clutter Kit. Think of all the possibilities combining these two packs. How about integrating LittleDica’s custom content alongside The Sims 4 Cottage Living? There are so many ways that this collection will work alongside already existing content!

This upcoming Country Sleek Bathroom Mini Pack from LittleDica currently available for Early Access as part of their $5 tier content on Patreon. The public release for this collection has been set for 5th March 2023.

You can find out more about LittleDica and how to get early access over on Country Sleek Bathroom Mini Pack Page

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