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Growing Together Gameplay Trailer: Community Reactions


We ask simmers what they think of the new gameplay!

The Sims team finally released the gameplay trailer for The Sims 4 Growing Together!

The upcoming expansion pack has certainly been causing a buzz within the community since its initial announcement last month.

We are greeted by the Michealson Family who have been our main focus during the expansion packs promotions. On Wednesday, The Sims team teased that a visitor was coming but did not allude as to who it was. However, it has now become clear as to who this visitor was. It was in fact, Grandpa Sebastian!

Of course, the gameplay trailer showcased a lot more than just Grandpa Sebastian making a visit. It showcased a lot of the new upcoming gameplay features. These include family dynamics, milestones, and social compatibility.

Not seen The Sims 4 Growing Together gameplay trailer yet? Check it out below!

So, you’ve now seen The Sims 4 Growing Together gameplay trailer. What do you think?

Gameplay Trailer Community Reactions

Since the gameplay trailer was released, the community has been sharing their reactions online. From what we have seen, there has been a real variety of different reactions. While many players shared positive thoughts and opinions, some players were hoping to have seen more from the trailer. However, with this being said, we do know that there will be a live stream coming soon. Details as to when that will be are to be confirmed by The Sims team still.

Growing Together Community Poll

The gameplay trailer had a lot to unpack. However, we want to know what you are looking forward to the most in The Sims 4 Growing Together! We’ve created a quick poll where you can select your top two favorite things from the list below.

What are you most excited to check out in The Sims 4 Growing Together expansion pack?

Talk to us about Growing Together!

We want to know what you really think about the upcoming expansion pack.

Is it what you are expecting? What are you looking forward to within the pack? What are you hoping to see? With so many questions, we want to know your honest thoughts and opinions! Let us know by joining in the conversation in the comments section below!

The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack

Stay tuned for more news and information about The Sims 4 Growing Together here on Sims Community! We’ll soon keep you posted about the upcoming Growing Together + Infants Livestream happening March 3rd.

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