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Sims Community Challenge: Disney Shell Build Showcase

TS4 challenge results

Sprinkle Some Disney Magic in The Sims 4!

Our most recent Sims Community Challenge required players to create a Disney-inspired room. With the shell we created, so many of you took the opportunity to let your imagination run wild and create the room of your Disney Dreams.

We had an incredible amount of entries between both Twitter and our Discord server. It truly showed just how talented our community is when it comes to a good old-fashioned build challenge!

The Sims 4 Disney Inspired Room - Toy Story/Kingdom Hearts

The Disney Giveaway

Of course, part of this challenge included a giveaway. Due to the overwhelming number of entries we received, we shortlisted our top three entries from both Twitter and Discord. It was tough as there were so many amazing entries. So without further ado, here is the results of the giveaway!

The winner of the Disney Build Challenge is OlaZet!

Lilo and Stitch by OlaZet

Lilo and Stitch by OlaZet jpg
Lilo and Stitch Inspired Room by OlaZet

The Shell Challenge Showcase

With so many beautiful and detailed entries, we still wanted to showcase our top three from both Twitter and Discord!

From Toy Story to Tangled. Robin Hood, Coco, Beauty and the Beast, Marvel, and Star Wars, there was a wide range of Disney themes seen throughout entries. Everyone who took part took their idea and brought it well and truly to life in their shells! We’ve loved checking out each and every single entry across Twitter and Discord and wish we could showcase them all!

Alongside our winner, OlaZet, here are our other five favorite entries from the challenge!

Winnie The Pooh by pinkfantasyfan

Disney Shell Challenge Entry, Winnie The Pooh Inspired
Winnie the Pooh Inspired Room by Pinkfantasyfan

The Little Mermaid by Gothball1

LittleMermaid by Gothball1
The Little Mermaid Inspired Room by Gothball1

Tangled by Uhhhniamh

Disney Shell Challenge Entry, Tangled Inspired
Tangled Inspired Room by Uhhhniamh

Luca by Indecisive_Llama

Disney Shell Challenge Entry, Luca Inspired
Luca Inspired Room by Indecisive_Llama

Alice in Wonderland by Ayaya

Alice in Wonderland by Ayaya JPG
Alice in Wonderland Inspired room by Ayaya

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to enter! We loved going through each and every entry! With so many beautiful and detailed entries, we wish we could share them all! However, be sure to check out the #SCDisney hashtag over on Twitter!

Did you enjoy this Disney-themed challenge? Do you want to see more building and Create A Sim challenges in the future? Then keep your eyes peeled for our next challenge! Don’t want to wait, why not take a look at some of our previous Sims Community Challenges?

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