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NEW The Sims 4 Kits: Basement Treasures and Greenhouse Haven

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EA and Maxis have announced two new Sims 4 Kits – Basement Treasures and Greenhouse Haven!

Just before the release of a new Sims 4 Update, The Sims Team has announced two new Kits for TS4!

Named Greenhouse Haven and Basement Treasures, the new $4.99 DLC additions for The Sims 4 contain themed items for Build Mode. Including for Greenhouse Decor and for Basement Decor.

Let’s dive deeper into the contents and first screen looks:

The Sims 4 Basement Treasures Kit

Uncover forgotten favorites & hand-me-down gems with The Sims 4 Basement Treasures Kit. With wear and tear from lots of use & love, create new memories from the old that add a little history to your décor.

Official Info

The Sims 4 Basement Treasures Kit encourages Sims to create the classic hand-me-down basement room, challenging Sims to deviate from the pristine and embrace the imperfect with grungy and aged decor. From Grandma’s old, worn furniture to thrifting finds, every piece has a story and potential for new life.

Sims can return home and relax in their favorite spot on worn, torn and well loved chairs or couches from the past. Life is for living – and Sims can walk down memory lane with a milk crate of vinyl records, old trophies and family photos, worn trunks and more.

From stains to soils and everyday wear and tear, there is comfort in the flawed, passed down and lived in. Items like an older model TV (still functional but not in its prime) and dusty trinkets add to the grungy space, with these lived-in items creating a comfortable basement.

New Sims 4 Kit: Greenhouse Haven

Build a tranquil retreat & spend some quality plant time with The Sims 4 Greenhouse Haven Kit! Organize your perfect planting workspace, take in serene greenery & live out your gardening fantasies.

Official Info

The Sims 4 Greenhouse Haven Kit provides a Sim with a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of the busy world. Sims can create a peaceful and serene greenhouse in their home with lively and versatile gardening decor.

From weaving their way through a cluttered greenhouse, to relaxing alone amongst the foliage, The Sims 4 Greenhouse Haven Kit has something for every Sim with or without a green thumb in this new, dedicated gardening space.

Sims can design the greenhouse of their dreams with beautiful glass pane windows and doors that fit together seamlessly. In the gardening house, Sims can decorate their space with a plethora of gardening objects, including starter seedlings, stacks of pots, a planting table, hanging flower baskets and more.

Promo Assets

Along with the new Screenshots are also new art posters from both Kits. Across Social Media The Sims released an animated video teaser with a new look at some of the objects coming. Check it out yourself:

New Sims 4 Kits - Posters

Official Box Art

Want to know what the official cover art for The Sims 4 Greenhouse Haven and Basement Treasure Kits are? EA has released the official English covers. Check them out down below!

ARTICLE UPDATE: There’s a new Blog Post from talking about the two new Kits. Each Kit segment has been updated with new information!

When are the new Sims 4 Kits releasing?

Both Greenhouse Haven and Basement Treasures Kits are set to release on April 20th, 2023 across PC, Mac, Playstation and Xbox Consoles. You’ll be able to get the Kits on the official EA App, Steam and official Console Stores.

Stay tuned on Sims Community for more updates on these new Sims 4 Kits!

What are your thoughts on the upcoming releases? Join the conversation below!

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